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23 June 2022

Incorporating Sage Green Furniture Into Your Kitchen Design

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

sage green kitchen furniture

If you follow the latest interior trends, you’ll know that sage green is essentially the new black. It’s become increasingly popular in everything from shabby-chic to contemporary homes, thanks to its versatile and calming qualities. Plus, sage green furniture complements nearly all surrounding colour schemes, invoking images of a fresh spring morning alongside neutrals like white, truffle and dove grey.

While you can find plenty of green kitchen inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, it’s best to consult the experts when planning a renovation. That’s where we step in to help. By following our insider tips and tricks, you’ll soon have the sage green kitchen of your dreams. We have a wealth of design ideas to suit every space and personality, such as introducing a sage green dining table or supercharging your storage with a sage green sideboard.

Have we piqued your interest? Of course, we have! Keep reading as we explain why sage green furniture is all the rage. We’ll also recommend some statement pieces for your kitchen from our Florence and Edvard Olsen collections.

Why are sage green kitchens so popular?

Light and airy to maximise space

Unlike a bold emerald or in-your-face lime, sage is a subtle shade of green that’s refreshingly airy. As it’s relatively light, sage doesn’t dominate the space, meaning it works well in small kitchens. Whether you use it as a focal point or accent, it adds a splash of colour without causing visual overwhelm.

Like a neutral, sage green acts as a light magnet, absorbing and reflecting sunbeams to maximise the surrounding space. Walls seem longer, ceilings become higher and the shadowiest corners feel much, much brighter. But you don’t have to painstakingly paint the walls to achieve this effect. A few sage green furniture pieces are enough to make even compact kitchens breezier.

Perhaps, you’d like to cultivate a cosier space? Luckily, sage green boasts grey undertones that can be warm or cool depending on the neighbouring colour scheme. To draw the room in, combine sage green with earthy tones like light oak and golden oak. The honey-coloured wood and sage green splashes make large, clinical kitchens feel more welcoming.

Our Scandinavian-inspired Edvard Olsen collection features natural oak furniture that’s beautifully proportioned from every angle. Plus, the simple silhouettes and ergonomic designs will allow the sage green accent pieces to shine. Explore more colours that go with oak furniture on our blog.

Bring the outside in to enhance wellbeing

Above all else, a sage green kitchen brings the outside in through nature-inspired colours and prints. The relaxing shade has the power to transform your space into a soothing sanctuary free from external stress. If you’re looking to invite more peace into your life, it’s a meditative sedative with a treasure chest of wellbeing benefits!

In colour psychology, green represents growth, fertility, health and generosity. Although it’s often used to promote calm, it’s also an effective tool for uplifting a space. Sage green embodies abundance, and its invigorating qualities shake off stagnant, stale energy. Does your breakfast bar double as an office space? You’ll benefit from installing sage green furniture to keep you motivated while working.

To get the most from your sage green kitchen, pepper your space with health-boosting indoor plants. As well as looking gorgeous, they’ll purify the air by removing harmful toxins like benzene and formaldehyde – low-maintenance options include peace lilies, spider plants and bamboo.

Complements nearly all interior styles and colour schemes

If you’re colour-curious, sage is a safe entry point. It’s the chameleon of greens, seamlessly blending in with all interior styles. You can brighten your kitchen by mixing it with luminous neutrals. Or draw in the space with a moody sage green, navy blue and oak palette. Whatever you choose, its amazing adaptability won’t let you down.

Our favourite combination is a sage green and grey kitchen. Together, the two colours provide a soft, almost ethereal feel reminiscent of untouched woodlands and wild seascapes.

Best of all, sage green and dove grey furniture are gender-neutral options for couples and families alike. You can make the space a touch more feminine with pretty, pastel pink. Meanwhile, yellow and blue accessories yield a masculine, almost nautical look.

7 sage green kitchen design ideas

1. Serve cottagecore charm with a sage green dining set

Sage green kitchen design ideas don’t have to be complicated. Instead, invest in some high-quality, easy-to-install furniture from the timeless Florence collection. Our artisan team has poured countless hours into perfecting the tiniest details. The elegantly tapered legs, brushed acacia wood tops and ergonomic frames level up the dining experience, making mealtime misery a thing of the past.

Hungry for change? A sage green dining table with complementary sage green dining chairs serves lashings of cottagecore charm. The soft green hues pair well with country-style kitchens, while the stunning wooden surfaces lend a modern edge.

Accessorise your brand-new dining set with coffee-coloured accents, vintage appliances and chunky, knitted throws to complete the look. We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but retro is making a comeback!

Nowadays, kitchens are multi-functional spaces where people eat, study and work. As such, most homeowners prefer to keep them open-plan and informal. Sage green dining benches are an attractive alternative to high-back chairs that don’t feel quite so regimented. Moreover, they provide ample room for guests to shuffle up, socialise and share a lovingly prepared home-cooked meal side by side.

2. Showcase your trinkets in a dreamy green display cabinet

Luxurious interiors don’t have to cost a fortune. You can get a taste of the high life with a reasonably priced sage green display cabinet. Although more expensive than cheap copies, our designs are remarkably durable to withstand constant use. We don’t cut corners, only dovetails, and that’s reflected in the mastery of our work.

Our dazzling display cabinets combine opulence with practicality to support your day-to-day activities. Throwing a dinner party? Keep your china safe in one place inside the generous cupboards.

Fancy an after-work tipple? Use the handy wine rack to store your favourite bottles. With so many innovative features, sage green cabinets are a must-have in any home.

Storage aside, we’ve created our sage green cabinets from premium materials, including naturally heat-resistant and stain-proof acacia wood. The showstopping glass doors give way to shelved inner compartments that can easily accommodate ornaments, cutlery and kitchenware. Furthermore, units feature an access point at the top for light fittings and arrive fully or partially assembled for your convenience. Read more display cabinet decorating ideas here.

3. Supercharge your storage with a sage green sideboard

Ask any household what they’d like more of and the answer will always be storage. Many homes don’t have the room for extra cupboards, dressers and drawers. In worst-case scenarios, people turn their garages into temporary wardrobes or let their belongings collect dust in the attic.

Thankfully, we have a straightforward solution – a sage green sideboard. There are several designs to browse that correspond with different room dimensions. An ingenious tallboy is best for narrow kitchen diners because it capitalises on vertical space, whereas a corner sideboard fits snugly into otherwise unused nooks.

Our traditional sideboard with two drawers and four baskets packs a punch with wicker-style compartments, brass effect studs and leather handles. The natural materials really pop against the creamy green finish. The cherry on top? The removable baskets are easy to clean, so you can store perishable food and cans too.

4. Combine dove grey and sage green furniture

A sage green and grey kitchen is sophisticated yet playful, informal without being chaotic. It’s a perfect contradiction, somehow walking the line between standing out and blending in. Most importantly, both colours are inoffensive and universally loved. You don’t have to worry about costly cover-up jobs because it’s almost impossible to make a mistake when decorating.

Incorporating this trend into your kitchen is easy. Combine dove grey dining chairs and sage green dining chairs to give your space some much-needed personality.

Or you could place green chairs around a spectacular dove grey dining table. Read our helpful guide on mixing and matching dining chairs for more valuable advice.

As well as introducing dove grey and sage green furniture, you could paint your kitchen in one colour and use the other as an accent. Sage green walls are doubly eye-catching when contrasted with a sharply defined dove grey sideboard or dove grey dresser with wine rack.

5. Introduce wood tones and natural materials

Sage green furniture is an excellent opportunity to introduce an organic earthiness to your kitchen, particularly when paired with wooden flourishes, natural materials and textures that complement the muted tones.

For example, sage green cabinets look sublime next to light oak or golden oak furniture from the Edvard Olsen collection. Designed with simplicity in mind, each piece is understated enough not to detract from the colour. Pair a trendy rectangular extending table with sage chairs, or mix oak and sage green sideboards for a mishmash of exquisite wood grains.

Sage green kitchen cabinets also stand out against exposed brick walls and tiled floors. The stripped-back aesthetic screams cottagecore chic – a whimsical design trend that romanticises countryside living. For a Snow White in the woods vibe, head to your local charity shop to find vintage-inspired tea sets, Kiln jars and tablecloths. Budget allowing, forgo cold stainless steel appliances for cast iron ranges and old-school whistling kettles.

6. Tie the look together with colourful accessories

Sage green can sometimes feel cold, especially if you’ve opted for a sage green and grey kitchen. However, this issue is straightforward to remedy. Simply break up the monotony with colourful accessories and layers upon layers of texture.

Decorate dining benches with pop-art-inspired cushions and hang cashmere-touch throws over our ergonomic kitchen chairs. Ultimately, the more materials you use, the better. Layering different soft furnishings adds depth to your space, simultaneously building visual intrigue and warmth.

Finally, enhance the ambience with strategically placed, antique-style lamps. A soft, yellow glow is far cosier than harsh overhead lights. Turn up the heat by adding a few mirrors to bounce the warming light around the room.

7. Experiment with different shades of green

Bring visions of sweeping forests and untouched landscapes to life by fusing different shades of green. Complementary hues include eucalyptus, dusty teal and olive. We know what you’re thinking – where are those colours on our website? Although we don’t stock them within our standard ranges, we offer a brilliant custom paint service that opens up a world of possibilities – and you’re not just limited to green!

Pick any colour and finish you like, or even combine colours within the same piece of furniture. You can also get experimental with the handles. Supply your own or upgrade to crystal handles that ooze grown-up glamour.

We’re committed to helping you design furniture your way. That’s why we’ll always do our best to meet your requirements. There’s no such thing as a silly request, so complete our customisation form today to start the process. With our help, you can unleash your creativity and turn your vision into a reality.

Create the sage green kitchen of your dreams

Sage green is the hottest colour in 2022, and we expect it to stick around for years to come. Its versatility and subtle undertones blend in with vintage to modern interior styles. Renovating your kitchen is a doddle thanks to sage green’s ability to complement nearly all surrounding palettes.

A sage kitchen promises to turn your neighbours green with envy! Plus, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Forget laborious paint jobs and invest in a few statement sage green furniture pieces from the classic Florence collection instead. Inspired by the traditional Victorian home, we’ve lovingly handcrafted every design to promote comfort, practicality and companionship.

From sage green dining tables and chairs to sage green sideboards and display cabinets, we have furniture that’ll breathe new life into your kitchen. If you want to extend the theme throughout your home, we also have an equally lovely sage green living room range.

Have you got any questions about our products or collections? Contact our friendly team on 01989 736343 or email [email protected] for more information. We’re always happy to help.

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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