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04 October 2022

4 Space-Saving Bedside Table Ideas for Small Spaces

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

Humble bedside chests of drawers are essential for small bedrooms. Alongside providing a home for your treasured bestsellers, reading glasses and much-needed morning cuppas, they can be a charming accessory when floor and wall space is limited. Want to make a statement without crowding your room? Keep reading as we run through our favourite small bedside table ideas. 

Small bedside table ideas for compact rooms

1. Create an eye-catching focal point

It can be challenging to decorate a small room, and most end up feeling unloved and boxy. However, lack of space isn’t a good enough reason to skip over thoughtful interior design. Instead of introducing bulky house plants, ornaments and dressers, experiment with smaller but equally eye-catching bedroom side tables.

Black bedside drawers make a sophisticated focal point in any setting, complementing everything from minimalist to mid-century modern décor. The versatile finish is especially punchy when paired with bold wall colours, including teal, mustard yellow and burnt sienna.

Bored of black? Create a personalised bedside table with our clever custom paint service. Send us your requirements, and we’ll turn your dream into a reality in our artisan workshop.

2. Choose a streamlined unit

The best bedside table ideas combine gorgeous aesthetics with unbeatable practicality. Ideally, they should have plenty of storage space – not to mention a streamlined structure that doesn’t interrupt the flow of your bedroom.

Oak bedside drawers tick all the boxes, featuring generously sized compartments with smooth runners. The wood’s attractive honey-coloured patina stands out against neutral schemes, while the tapered legs are wonderfully contemporary.

3. Consider multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture is perfect for small bedrooms, serving several purposes at once and freeing up precious floor space in the process. 

For example, a blanket box could double as a bedside table, storing bed linen inside and table lamps, magazines and books on top. Some people also use stools as makeshift bedside table ideas until they’ve found a suitable unit.

4. Maximise space with light colours

Keeping your colour palette bright and breezy maximises space in small bedrooms. White is the most reflective shade, possessing an uncanny ability to make walls seem longer and ceilings appear higher. However, light greys, creams and pastels achieve a similar effect.

As well as painting your walls, check out these white bedside drawers. There’s a design to please every personality and setting, including antique-style and French provincial frames.

Go for glamour with a white bedside table with crystal handles, bevelled edges and an elegant sweetheart frieze. Or, prioritise simplicity with this timeless, Shaker-inspired bedroom side table from the Edward Hopper collection.

Browse more bedside table ideas for small spaces

Ready to transform your small bedroom into a relaxing refuge? Simply browse our stunning bedside table ideas today. Choose your favourite design and we’ll deliver the unit fully or partially assembled for your convenience.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call our team on 01989 736343 or email [email protected], and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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