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Introducing the original Edward Hopper range – a collection of timeless bedroom furniture shaped by classic Shaker design. Living the simplest of lives, the Shakers were dedicated to integrity, honesty and reliability. That was and still is reflected in their simple yet functional furniture, which has been mirrored by our expert designers.

Looking at Shaker furniture – and the Edward Hopper range – you’ll see slim, elegant panels and legs holding up sturdy, robust cabinets and drawers. That all owes to the interior structure, using techniques passed down through the generations. The result is chests of drawers, wardrobes and even beds that don’t dominate the room.

Sleek, curved lines at the bottom of each piece provide a light, airy appearance. That’s complemented by chamfered tops for a more tapered, elegant look without taking away from the impressive strength.

With furniture that accentuates vision and maintains harmony to the finest detail, the Edward Hopper range is the first collection to truly encapsulate what’s so great about Shaker design. While you might find numerous cheap copies of Edward Hopper on different sites, it’s only that has mastered the skilful design and long-lasting function that makes Shaker furniture so renowned.