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13 August 2021

What Colours Go with Oak Furniture?

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

Oak furniture is some of the most popular (and most beautiful) in the world. From bed frames to kitchen tables, oak furniture is hardwearing and naturally antibacterial, making it ideal for use in every room of your home. But, while its natural wood grain is an excellent way to add style to your décor, you might not know how to decorate the rest of your room to complement it.

If you’re wondering ‘what colours go with oak furniture?’, read on. In this blog post, we’ve put together a list of colours that work perfectly with oak – whether you’re choosing bedding, flooring or paint for your walls.

What colour is oak wood?

It might sound like a strange question when the word ‘oak’ is often used as a colour in its own right. But oak wood can actually come in a variety of different shades, from soft beige to dark caramel.

At, our beautiful Edvard Olsen range is available in two colourways: light oak and golden oak. Both are handcrafted from solid oak that has been sustainably sourced, ensuring the production of our pieces doesn’t harm the world’s natural resources. 

It’s also worth noting that oak can change colour over time. A lot of wood ‘develops’, which means it becomes darker with warmer undertones as it ages. You might want to bear this in mind when deciding what colour scheme goes with oak furniture.

What colour bedding goes with oak furniture?

If you’ve chosen an oak bedroom furniture set, the next stage is to choose your bedding. The good news is that many colours go with oak furniture, giving you plenty of scope to embrace your personal style.

1.    Light, neutral shades

Bedrooms should be relaxing spaces that create a sense of calm. Light, neutral shades such as white, cream and pale grey are all excellent choices that will complement both light and golden oak.

2.    Natural colours and patterns

Because oak is a natural material, it looks beautiful when paired with earthy colours and nature-inspired patterns. A floral or leaf-print bedding set is a wonderful way to enhance the natural texture of the wood grain.

3.    Bold block colours

Dark colours such as navy, burgundy or even black may seem too bold for other rooms, but if you want to create a peaceful bedroom with a warm and opulent feel, don’t be afraid to opt for some darker colour bedding. The shade of your oak will provide the perfect foil to your rich colour palette, preventing your colour scheme from becoming overwhelming.

What colour walls go with oak furniture?

Picking the colour of your walls is one of the most important design decisions you’ll need to make. Below, we’ve suggested some stylish shades that are sure to look beautiful with oak furniture.

1.    Pastel colours

When it comes to interior design, pastel colours are almost always on-trend. These timeless shades are a great way to brighten up your home without choosing a bolder colour that could make your room feel smaller (and which might not suit your tastes in the long run). From pale pink to baby blue, sage green to cream, pastel colours go really well with oak furniture.

2.    Grey, white, and black

Love a simple look? If you’ve been inspired by the monochrome décor that’s all over interior design magazines at the moment, but want a softer take on the trend, try pairing colours such as grey, white and black with your natural oak furniture. The warm colour of the wood will perfectly complement the neutral shades while ensuring your room doesn’t look cold.

What colour flooring goes with oak furniture?

If you’re planning on putting carpet in your home, the colours mentioned above are all excellent options. Alternatively, why not add depth and texture to your home by choosing natural materials that will complement your oak wood furniture beautifully?

1.    Wooden floors

There are many benefits to wooden floors, especially in your living room or bedroom. If you plan to put oak furniture on top of your wooden floors, consider using feet protectors to prevent your flooring from becoming scratched.

2.    Tile and stone

Looking for an alternative to wood or carpet? Tile or stone looks gorgeous with oak furniture in kitchens and bathrooms. Choose sandstone or limestone to match the colour of your oak or go for a contrasting shade with granite, slate or marble.

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Decided on a colour scheme? At, we sell a stunning range of handcrafted oak furniture to suit your décor. From the timeless style of our Edward Hopper range to the Scandinavian-inspired Edvard Olsen, discover your dream pieces online today.

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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