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11 October 2022

How to Make Your Home Feel Warmer this Winter

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

With winter fast approaching – and the recent energy price hikes taking a toll on households across the UK – you might be wondering how to make your home feel warmer without breaking the bank.

Thankfully, there are several easy solutions, including introducing a toasty colour scheme, using fabric to retain heat and replacing harsh white lights with soft yellow bulbs. Whether you have cottagecore or contemporary interiors, these ideas promise to look fabulous while keeping you cosy during the colder months!

Curious? Keep reading as we explore each decorating tip in more detail. We’ll also recommend a few stunning pieces from our Florence, Juliette, and Edvard Olsen collections.

5 ways to make your home feel warmer in winter

1. Introduce a warm colour scheme

Introducing a warm colour scheme is one of the most affordable ways to make your home feel cosy for winter. As a rule, avoid colder pale blues and mint greens and instead choose shades with hints of red, orange, and yellow – think cream, burnt orange, and peach.

Minimalists will be pleased to know that white can be warm or cold, depending on the undertone. Cool whites have a blue or black base, while warm whites have a yellow, red, or brown base. Pair the latter with plenty of plush fabrics and bronze accents for an oh-so-snug vibe! Warmer neutrals like truffle are also preferable over steely greys.

If you’re feeling brave, swap breezy neutrals for a moodier palette. Dark browns and wooden accents look sublime alongside bold tangerines and mustard yellows, especially when lifted by mood-boosting indoor plants. Or, go a few shades lighter with golden oak furniture from the Scandinavian-inspired Edvard Olsen collection.

2. Incorporate natural materials

Lend flat-looking spaces three-dimensional intrigue by incorporating a mishmash of interesting materials and textures. The different layers break up monotonous lines, add depth and make the coldest rooms feel much more inviting.

Bringing the outside in with wooden furniture evokes images of quaint countryside cottages complete with flickering hearths and fireside chat. As well as being aesthetically pleasing – boasting gorgeous honey-toned patinas – wood improves thermal insulation by absorbing and circulating heat.

Swap well-worn pieces for affordable showstoppers from the timeless Florence range. There’s something to suit every personality and setting, including truffle coffee tables, navy kitchen islands and sage green dining tables.

3. Think about lighting

There’s nothing frostier than a frigid white light that makes your interiors feel more clinical than cosy! Instead, choose a soft yellow hue that casts a welcoming glow across your bedroom, living room or dining room. 

Ultra-warm bulbs sit around 1800K and work best for vintage-style filament lamps. However, we suggest something a little brighter in the 2700K to 3000K range – otherwise, you’ll be scrambling around in the dark. Or you could upgrade to LED bulbs which are around 75% more energy efficient than classic incandescent bulbs!

Then, replace dazzling overheard pendants and wall lights with a more subtle table lamp. This will help you save on the cost of running multiple bulbs while illuminating shadowy corners and creating a cosy feel for the evenings. We adore this antique white table lamp that complements everything from modern farmhouse to boho décor. Plus, we also stock a wide array of lamp tables to accommodate them.

4. Focus on luxurious fabrics

If you’re wondering how to make your home feel warmer, luxurious fabrics may be the answer. Like wood, textiles are effective insulators, soaking up the sun’s rays in preparation for chilly evenings.

As well as experimenting with throws and cushions, consider upholstered chairs for your dining room or kitchen. This high-back chair in truffle delivers maximum comfort while dazzling dinner guests. The firm padded cushion, ergonomic back and slightly longer seat combine to banish aches and pains.

Or supercharge your sleeping space with this shabby-chic upholstered bed frame from the Juliette range. Inspired by French provincial furniture, you’ll notice elegant details like the biscuit-coloured headboard, curved legs and simple scalloped shape.

5. Install a wood-burning stove

Although more expensive, investing in a small wood-burning stove is a long-term solution that will make your house feel warmer in winter. They’re becoming more popular in all kinds of houses, thanks to the ease of installation. And you don’t even need a chimney because experts can install a double-skin flue through the roof or wall.

The best place for a stove is your living room. Everyone will love gathering around the roaring flames while watching festive films, fattening up on mince pies and opening presents on Christmas Day!

Alternatively, if you haven’t got space for a wood burner, why not try an electric blanket? As well as being useful for heating up your bed before you crawl under the sheets at night, you could also drape an electric blanket over your sofa to warm your seating area. According to Sleepseeker, this will cost you around 5p per hour at the current rate – significantly less than running your central heating.

Turn up the heat with premium furniture pieces

Now we’ve explained how to make your home feel warmer in five simple steps, it’s time to browse our complete furniture collection to find the perfect item for you.

If you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call our friendly team on 01989 736343 or email [email protected].

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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