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Florence Furniture

The original Florence range is a love letter to family life. Inspired by the classic Victorian home, each piece is hand-crafted to promote comfort, practicality, and companionship. All while looking effortlessly beautiful. In many ways, it’s no surprise that various sites claim to offer their own ‘Florence’ furniture. But is the only place you can find the original range, which is simply unmatched by the cheap copies. 

In a range of shades that recall bracing seaside holidays, Florence is built to withstand wear and tear. Its acacia wood tops are resistant to heat and stains – helping capture those care-free days when ice cream spills were simply the mark of a summer well spent.  

Classic yet modern, elegant yet robust, Florence is the family backdrop that will never fade into the background. From bookshelves and breakfast bars to dining tables and dressers, these pieces are designed to work in any room of the house, whatever your design scheme or décor. 

A homage to the past that holds countless possibilities, our Welsh-inspired Florence collection is customised more than any other range. Change the colour, add your choice of wallpaper, or simply gather your family round to make it instantly yours.