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20 August 2021

4 Display Cabinet Ideas for Modern Homes

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

display cabinet

Today, display cabinets aren’t just a practical form of storage – they’re also a sophisticated way to add style to your home. Unlike your packed understairs cupboard or kitchen drawer of shame (we’ve all got one), these beautiful items of furniture are made to be seen. But what are the best display cabinet ideas?

If you’re looking for display cabinet styling tips, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we’ll explain what to put in a glass display cabinet and how you can create a showstopping arrangement that’s both pretty and practical.

1.  Get creative with colour

Does your kitchen have a fixed colour scheme? Whether you want your display cabinet to coordinate perfectly with your other items of furniture or you’d prefer it to stand out loud and proud, don’t be afraid to play around with colour.

At, the display cabinets in our bestselling Florence range are available in a range of stylish colour combinations. As well as our block colour cabinets in navy, white, truffle, sage green, dove grey, and royal blue, we also offer a custom dresser service – perfect for customers with something specific in mind.

Because the doors of our display cabinets feature glass panelling, the inside of your dresser is visible, making it just as important as the outside. All you need to do is let us know your dream shades of Farrow & Ball paint for both the inside and outside and we’ll put it together for you. That way, you’ll have a display cabinet that’s been handcrafted to fit perfectly with the rest of your kitchen.

2.  Add some lighting

Display cabinets might look great in natural daylight, but some of the magic can get lost if it’s too dark to see behind the doors. If you want your display cabinet styling to make an impact all day long, why not add some lighting to your shelves?

Thanks to a handy access point at the top, it’s quick and easy to add a light fitting to your display cabinet. Whether you want to add a subtle ceiling light to illuminate your items or a string of fairy lights across each shelf, lighting is one of the best ways to brighten up your display and add some drama to your room. On a practical level, it also makes it much easier to find the things you need!

3.  Choose a dresser with extra storage

The beauty of display cabinets is that they enable us to put some of our most treasured items on display. For you this may be a crockery set, your favourite books, or even family trophies and certificates. But if you want your dresser to work extra hard, why not choose one with integrated storage?

At, our Florence dressers feature wooden drawers and cupboards beneath their display shelves. That means you have plenty of space to store the everyday items you want to keep out of sight, but close at hand. The combination of glass and solid wood doors mean you don’t have to sacrifice valuable storage space for a stylish dresser.

4.  Mix and match your shapes

It’s tempting to think that uniformity makes for the simplest design – but often, the more regimented your display cabinet ideas are, the less visually appealing it looks. If you keep items of similar size and shape clustered together, it can create an unbalanced look. For the most satisfying design, focus on your spacing and coordination.

Want to stand a large serving plate in the left-hand corner of your shelf? Try placing an item of similar size in the right-hand corner of the shelf immediately above or below it. This will help to balance out your arrangement and keep everything looking neat.  

Traditionally, crockery items on a dresser would be arranged in size order – for example, with all the dinner plates on the top shelf and all the teacups hanging on hooks above them. While this can look beautiful, mixing things up will result in a more modern look, perfect for adding some personality to your home.

Style your home with

At, we believe the best styling starts with high-quality furniture. All of our pieces have been handcrafted from solid wood and are built to last for years to come.

Want to know more about our display cabinets or our custom paint service? Get in touch with a member of our dedicated customer support team by calling 01989 763343 or emailing [email protected] today. Alternatively, discover 5 easy sideboard decorating ideas for your living on our blog.

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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