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14 April 2022

Mix and Match Dining Chairs: Get That Look

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

If you’re ready to give your eating space plenty of personality, then it’s time to mix and match dining chairs! Why play it safe when you could curate a mishmash of gorgeous colours and styles instead?

Mixing dining chairs is an eclectic trend that’s far more exciting than classic set-ups. Contemporary homes combine furniture to create a welcoming ambience that puts guests at ease. You’ll also find mismatched dining room chairs in vintage-inspired interiors, thanks to their eccentricity.

So, if you want to break the mould, keep reading as we explain how to balance this unusual look without falling into chaos. The key is to find a thread of continuity while experimenting with different shades, designs and materials.

6 ways to mix and match dining chairs

1.    Same design, different colours

Mixing chairs in your dining room or kitchen is easier than you think. Choosing the same design in different colours is a straightforward solution that’ll lend your space a kooky yet comprehensive feel.

If you want to bring the outside in (another popular trend in the aftermath of Covid lockdowns), couple navy blue dining chairs and sage green dining chairs. The calming colours will transform clinical spaces into cosy cocoons.

We especially love the Florence high back dining chairs in blue and sage green. Keeping with the all-natural theme, they have a rustic pine and acacia wood frame that screams shabby chic while offering an ergonomic design for greater comfort.

2.    Same colour, different designs

If you’re worried about jam-packed palettes, stick with the same colour in different designs. It’s a subtler way to add intrigue because you’ll focus on shapes and materials that don’t immediately draw attention.

For example, you could pair truffle country style chairs and high back chairs from the Florence range. Although they’re the same colour, the mismatched frames create a wonderfully charming and unique finish.

3.    Play with upholstery

Upholstered dining room chairs are undeniably luxurious, delivering maximum comfort and practicality. They look gorgeous in any setting because you can dress them up or down, depending on your preference.

You don’t have to worry about colours or designs when you match upholstery. The similar decorative details are enough to tie the look together so that you can let your creativity lead.

If you’re feeling brave, choose chairs in different upholstered styles. Neutral materials will make your dining space feel more sophisticated, while vibrant patterns and fabrics provide a fun, youthful aesthetic.

4.    Blend complementary wood tones

While people are confident mixing period styles, most are hesitant to blend wood tones. However, you can achieve cohesion by paying attention to finish and wood grain.

When mixing wooden dining room chairs, select the same design but in lighter and darker wood tones. This way, you’ll avoid visual conflict because the core materials will often be the same.

Our Edvard Oslen range features a choice of warm golden oak dining chairs and cooler light oak dining chairs. Since wood tones fall into a neutral category, combining them will always look intentional and unbelievably stylish. 

Worried about timber overkill? Introduce a rug to break up wooden floors and furniture or intersperse wooden chairs with upholstered chairs.

5.    Break up chairs with a dining bench

The best way to mix and match dining chairs is by interrupting tradition with a casual dining bench. As well as being ideal for informal dinner parties and catch-ups, you can tuck them away after use to save space.

Wooden benches look sublime when paired with soft upholstered chairs. The fusion of textures lends depth to cold, flat-looking interiors. Choose from white, truffle, navy blue, sage green or dove grey dining benches to suit your décor and bring everything together with some bench cushions that match the upholstery.

6.    Try custom paint

Mixing dining chairs invites you to step outside your comfort zone. That’s why we offer a unique custom paint service that lets you design furniture your way.

Forget about off the shelf options – go wild with statement colours and finishes! Perhaps, you’d like multiple shades of the same colour to match your walls and appliances? Or, if you’re a pop-art enthusiast, opt for bold two-tone chairs that’d make Andy Warhol swoon.

Are you ready to mix and match dining chairs?

If you’re thinking of investing in some mix and match dining chairs, then browse our complete seating collection online today. There’s a wealth of colours, designs and finishes available so that you can find the perfect combination.

Our friendly team are always available to answer your questions. Call 01989 763343 or email [email protected] – we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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