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14 May 2021

Cottagecore Aesthetic: Get the Look in Your House

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

Cottagecore Aesthetic: Get the Look in Your House

Climbing roses, farmhouse-inspired kitchens and wicker baskets filled with freshly-baked bread are just some of the mainstays of Cottagecore – the interior design trend that’s swept the globe over the past year. Inspired by life in the country, Cottagecore reflects the joy of living in a way that’s simple, authentic and at one with nature.

While the trend isn’t minimalist (you’ll see plenty of hand-stitched embroidery, fresh-cut flowers and pretty floral patterns in Cottagecore homes), there’s definitely a nostalgic and back-to-basics feel.

So how can you capture this aesthetic? Read on for our tips on how to get the Cottagecore look in your own house.


A natural touch

The Cottagecore trend has deep roots in traditional English country living. By definition, this means there are plenty of nods to Mother Nature. Think bouquets of dried lavender on the mantlepiece, pots of fresh herbs on the windowsill and ceramics decorated with botanical accents.

In terms of colour, Cottagecore champions neutral palettes featuring whites, creams, browns, rosy pinks and other warm tones. There’s always room for colour, as long as the tones are soft and muted.


Handcrafted furniture

Cottagecore is reminiscent of a bygone era when quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail took precedence over mass-produced furniture. When shopping for new furniture it’s worth investing in solid wood pieces that are built to last. The Florence collection fits the Cottagecore aesthetic to a tee, pairing classic farmhouse-inspired designs with expert craftsmanship, neutral tones and plenty of intricate detailing.

The White, Truffle and Dove Grey collections keep things clean and traditional, while the Sage Green and Navy Blue ranges are perfect for adding a splash of colour to your Cottagecore interior. Features like wicker baskets add to the vintage vibe and will help tie your Cottagecore look together.

Mixing and matching styles is also a clever way to achieve a relaxed Cottagecore aesthetic. For example, rather than purchasing six identical chairs, pairing a couple of cross back chairs with high back chairs will help to create a charming feel.


Incorporate unique touches

Nostalgia is at the heart of the Cottagecore aesthetic, which means that learning to harmonise the old and the new is one of the best ways to master the trend. Think bone china inherited from your grandparents, vintage oil paintings dug up from your garage and mismatched silver cutlery.

Glass-fronted display cabinets are a staple in country kitchens and are the perfect way to showcase your favourite Cottagecore house accessories. If you don’t have any treasures collecting dust in your attic, charity shops and car boot sales can be a great place to pick up some pre-loved items.

If you’re feeling creative, you can even experiment with a new hobby like embroidery or rug hooking, to make your own Cottagecore-inspired furnishings.


Soft textures

While you’ll see plenty of wooden furniture in Cottagecore homes, the trend doesn’t compromise on comfort. It’s important to keep things cosy and comfortable, with accessories like knitted throw cushions, woven rugs, linen curtains and cotton tablecloths the perfect way to soften the look and capture the cosiness of an English cottage.

Ruffles, frills and lace are all welcome in a Cottagecore house so don’t hold back. The more florals the better, especially if the prints feature roses or other cottage garden blooms.


Live the Cottagecore lifestyle

Cottagecore isn’t just an interior design trend, it’s a lifestyle that captures all the beauty, nostalgia and cosiness of the countryside. Living and breathing the Cottagecore lifestyle is one of the best ways to truly embrace the trend.

For example, getting outdoors and tending to your garden is not only therapeutic, but it will also give you access to fresh-cut flowers – the ultimate Cottagecore accessory. Alternatively learn how to bake sourdough bread with the kids and create some perfectly browned loaves to show off on your new farmhouse table.


Get the look

Given the pandemic has forced people to stay inside for much of the past year, it’s no surprise that comfort-centric interior design trends like Cottagecore have captured the hearts and imaginations of Brits.

The thing we love most about Cottagecore is that you can really customise it to fit your own unique style. Go all out with floral wallpaper and mismatched china or make a subtle nod with neutral wooden furniture, botanical accents and cosy throw rugs.

From rustic dressers to pedestal tables, explore the full Florence range online and find the perfect items to recreate the Cottagecore look in your own house.


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