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22 September 2022

What is a Farmhouse Dining Table & Will it Suit My Space?

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

Farmhouse dining table and chairs

When it comes to timeless interior design, farmhouse style has serious staying power. The trend is centuries in the making and has roots in rural homes on working farms. In most farmhouses, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. This makes a farmhouse dining table the perfect place to start when designing a country kitchen.

So, what exactly is a farmhouse dining table and will it suit my space? Read on as we cover everything you need to know about these rustic dining tables and how to embrace this much-loved interior design trend.

What is a farmhouse dining table?

By definition, farmhouse style prioritises functionality, simplicity and longevity. A farmhouse dining table should embrace these design cues and feature a strong and sturdy build. The use of natural hardwoods is essential, with timbers like pine, oak and acacia always a solid choice. Traditional farmhouse dining tables are chunky, though modern designs pare things down with tapered legs and more streamlined silhouettes.

Today, farmhouse tables come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Traditionally, a rectangle farmhouse table served multiple purposes. These generously sized tables were used to knead bread, prepare jams and preserves and even tend to injuries. Though most importantly, they offered a space to gather as a family after a day on the farm.

Rectangle farmhouse table in truffle

For something a little different, consider a round farmhouse dining table. More reminiscent of a country cottage than a farmhouse, they are the perfect tables for smaller spaces. Why do we love round tables? Family is at the heart of farmhouse design. This is what makes round tables a perfect choice for farmhouse-inspired kitchens and dining rooms.

Unlike square and rectangle tables, a round modern farmhouse table gives everyone equal standing. They allow conversation to ebb and flow, without boxing away participants or establishing a ‘head of the table’ position. Whether you want to bond with the family during mealtimes or host lively dinner parties, a round farmhouse dining table will keep the conversation lively.

Modern farmhouse palettes

Today, farmhouse design has been brought well and truly into the 21st century. Colour has a big role to play when it comes to capturing the charm of traditional farmhouse designs, without feeling too old-fashioned. Here’s how to achieve a modern farmhouse look.

Keep it simple with white

Bright and breezy, there’s no denying the appeal of white. White walls will give your dining room or kitchen a clean and crisp feel – perfect for maximising natural light and creating the illusion of extra space. White is also a great choice for furniture and it embodies the farmhouse aesthetic.

Start with a white dining table and build from here. Matching white wooden chairs will give your space a chic and carefully considered look. For a more rustic feel, pair your white rectangle farmhouse table with mix and match dining chairs in shades like sage green and truffle.

Round farmhouse table in white

Fun fact: During colonial times, lime paint was used to whitewash farmhouses and keep mould and mildew at bay. This is what made white such a popular colour for farmhouses and country cottages. Of course, it’s also an aesthetically beautiful choice. White feels clean and tidy. Basically, the antidote to the mud, dust and dirt that goes with rural living.

Get earthy with truffle

Truffle is a wonderful hue and instantly evokes the warm, earthy tones of the countryside. The colour is neutral yet unique, with hints of brown and cream making it ideal for kitchens and dining rooms. It’s dark enough to feel warm and welcoming, yet bright enough to keep your room feeling light and airy.

Truffle pedestal farmhouse dining table

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting than white or cream, truffle is a great choice. But truffle isn’t just for walls. It’s also a great colour to use with furniture. As such, it’s no surprise that our Florence truffle dining table is a bestseller among home decorators. This modern farmhouse table will instantly give your space a contemporary look. You’ll also see truffle featured in our farmhouse dining chairs range.

Go green with sage

From rolling fields to leafy forests, green is ever-present in the countryside. Rather than opting for bold jewel tones, pare things back with muted tones like sage green. Named after the much-loved herb, this shade of green has distinct tones of silver and grey. This gives it an earthy and understated look.

Like truffle, sage green can also be effortlessly incorporated into farmhouse furniture. A sage green dining table is a terrific option if you want to bring warmth and intrigue into your space. As a darker colour, sage green looks beautiful paired with lighter hues. White dining chairs will set off your sage green dining table and create a quirky, mismatched look. 

Square farmhouse dining table in green

Flirting with a different farmhouse-inspired hue? Use our custom colour service to bring your farmhouse dining table and chairs vision to life. Whether you’re thinking darker tones like charcoal and dusty blue or neutrals like greige (that’s a blend of beige and grey if you’re not familiar with this portmanteau), we can create custom furniture in a myriad of colours.

Industrial farmhouse design

Lately, we’ve been seeing a new hybrid trend sweep the interior design world. It’s known as industrial farmhouse and combines the charm of farmhouse design with the rugged and barebones style of industrial décor.

Extendable white farmhouse dining table

It’s a fusion of old and new, with a big focus on merging different textures, colours and styles. For example, an industrial farmhouse space might feature a traditional white dining table paired with modern steel chairs. It’s all about creating spaces that are comfortable and liveable, while incorporating elements of timeless charm and modern appeal.

Keep it casual with dining benches

Farmhouse design is all about creating spaces that are comfortable, functional and social. Replacing chairs with dining benches is a clever way to embrace this element of country-inspired design. For starters, a farmhouse dining table and bench will instantly bring a sense of rustic charm to your space. Dining benches are informal and practical, which fits the farmhouse brief perfectly.

If you’re short on space, dining benches are a savvy way to score an extra seat. Often, a dining bench can accommodate more people than traditional farmhouse dining chairs. This makes them a great option for families. Even better, dining benches from the Florence range are designed to fit neatly underneath matching tables. Simply pull them out when it’s time to eat, then tuck them away when not in use. 

Worried about comfort? Don’t be. Add seat pads to cushion your farmhouse dining table and bench and keep everyone comfortable. If you prop your dining bench against a wall, throw cushions can be a fun way to add a pop of colour and texture.

A timeless trend

If want to create spaces that stand the test of time, you’ll love the farmhouse aesthetic. A farmhouse dining table forms the backbone of any country home and can be used to create both traditional and modern farmhouse spaces.

No doubt about it, the style has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Today, a farmhouse dining table and chairs set looks equally at home in the countryside as it does in modern apartments and urban townhouses.

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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