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28 October 2022

Why What Makes Us Different?

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Here at, we believe in offering the best quality furniture at the best possible prices – and while we might be biased, we think we do a fantastic job! Our commitment to excellence shines through in everything we do, from sourcing the most sustainable materials to custom painting pieces to reflect your personality. The pièce de résistance? We even deliver furniture straight to your room for unbeatable convenience.

You might be wondering how we achieve such unbelievable affordability while maintaining the highest standards. We promise there’s no trickery involved – we simply prioritise quality over quantity and take a customer-centred approach.

Curious about what makes our furniture so great and our prices so low? Keep reading to find out more. We’ve split the following article into three main sections – quality, price, and service. Underneath each, we’ll explore the key factors and processes that make us truly unique.

Quality without compromise

Unshakeable core values

Our owner, Graham Haynes, founded the company in the 1980s to provide an alternative to low-cost, flat-pack furniture. He noticed the economical options on the market weren’t fit for purpose, being unattractive, unsuitable for everyday use, or both. Soon, an innovative idea formed – could he create pretty and practical pieces at reasonable prices, reducing the need for replacements further down the line?

Drawing from his background in antique furniture restoration, Graham trailblazed the way for beautiful, budget-friendly designs. His passion for natural materials and time-honoured techniques inform many of our modern-day collections, including the Florence, Queensbury, and Edvard Olsen ranges.

Affordability continues to be one of our core values. There’s no need to choose between quality and price, and we’ve proven time and time again that your money can stretch further than you think. Rather than break the bank, our products give you more bang for your buck!

Quality over quantity is another guiding light. We keep costs down by manufacturing our collections in small batches, then pass these savings on to our customers. Working like this also allows us to carry out comprehensive quality control checks, reduce wastage and improve our carbon footprint – something we care deeply about in today’s climate.

In-house manufacturing

Keeping the manufacturing process in-house is the only way to guarantee the best quality possible. Our experienced team painstakingly handcrafts every piece of furniture you see on our website. Over the years, we’ve introduced and improved a rigorous quality control system that ensures no detail is left unchecked.

You can see the love and time we pour into each design in the charming French provincial Juliette collection. Our king-sized bed frame boasts intricate flourishes, including a curved structure, camelback headboard, and classic cabriole legs. It’s impossible to mimic these thoughtful, hand-carved details using a machine. And even when the shapes are simple, like in our Edward Hopper range, you can still see the quality craftsmanship.

Knowledgeable designers

Our knowledgeable designers are well-versed in antique furniture restoration and creating bespoke pieces that’ll last for decades. Thanks to their specialist backgrounds in architecture and interior design, they know how to craft spectacular showstoppers with the wow factor!

The magic happens in our small Gloucestershire workshop. We meticulously plan and produce every brand-new concept, experimenting with a wealth of international motifs. The popular Florence collection is a love letter to the classic Victorian home, promoting comfort, practicality, and companionship. Drinks cabinets are dripping in opulence and available in several lavish shades. Even the humble sideboards embody the era’s romanticism.

Prefer Eastern influences? The Japandi-inspired Hokkaido range harmonises chaotic spaces with sleek lines, unfussy silhouettes and cool veneers. The skilled handiwork is apparent in this open display cabinet, complete with a complex chevron pattern that cheap, off-the-shelf copies can’t match.

Above all else, we don’t mass-produce our furniture in a far-flung factory. Instead, our tight-knit team works tirelessly to bring you the best of British craftsmanship.

Premium materials

Versatile acacia wood

Acacia wood is a super wood. Not only is it durable and moisture-resistant, making it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, but it’s surprisingly warp-proof. No matter how many knocks and scrapes it takes, it’ll stubbornly stay looking its best!

Plus, this incredible hardwood possesses antibacterial properties, meaning it’s a brilliant choice for dining tables, kitchen islands, breakfast bars and coffee tables. There’s no need to stress if you spill your morning cuppa because the wood repels liquid and grime for maximum longevity.

Practicality aside, acacia wood looks the part, which is why it’s the crowning feature of our exquisite Florence collection. The wood is light enough to complement everything from cottagecore to contemporary décor. Plus, the mesmerising grain promises to dazzle the most discerning house guests.

Oak as a focal point

Oak is the holy grail of wood, with many homeowners praising its hard-wearing qualities and versatile, caramel-coloured grain. But be warned – some brands use oak for the sake of using oak, meaning they intentionally push up prices without centring functionality!

We don’t overload our designs with oak because it’s expensive and not the most environmentally friendly option (it’s a slow-growing species, unlike pine and acacia wood). Nevertheless, we feature sustainably sourced oak in a few ranges, including the Edvard Olsen collection.

These designs marry earthy materials like oak, faux leather and neutral fabrics to embody hygge – a Danish concept that celebrates life’s simple pleasures. Rather than treating the wood as a way to make more money, we’ve cleverly positioned it as the focal point of each piece.

Environmentally friendly pine wood

Pine is an excellent solution if you’re renovating your home on a tight budget. As well as being wildly affordable, it’s easy to grow and great for the environment. Its popularity has increased since we’ve become more conscious of climate change, and many brands now prefer it over slower-growing species like oak, magnolia and cedar.

Although pine is an inexpensive softwood, it’s by no means weak. It has a high density that protects it against breaking, bending and splintering.

Most importantly, it’s effortless to cut, stain and carve, allowing us to bring you a treasure chest of creative designs, such as this large storage unit from the Tetbury range. The fun, patchwork-style drawers come in various sizes, adding a dash of intrigue to otherwise uninspiring interiors.

Custom paint service

We’ve been hand-finishing furniture since the 1980s, so we rightly consider ourselves experts in the field. No request is too time-consuming or wacky – we’ll paint your furniture any shade your heart desires, from delicious creams and pretty pastels to rich greens and royal blues. The result is a custom centrepiece inspired by you and built to stay in your family for generations.

Best of all, our premium paint is durable and long-lasting – no matter the room or the amount of traffic. However, if your item suffers minor, accidental damage, we’ll touch it up free of charge. We can even refinish products that need extra TLC, breathing new life into your interiors at a fraction of standard prices. 

If we’ve piqued your interest, check out our genius custom paint service. Here, you can choose your favourite colour (or colours), along with your preferred finish and handles to create a spectacular statement piece. Once you’ve sent us your requirements, we’ll turn your vision into a reality.

Incredible prices

Exclusively online

We strive to bring you the most reasonable prices possible, so we’ve innovated our business operations to keep costs low. We sell our products exclusively online, reducing the need for overheads and staff.

On the flip side, big-name brands pay hundreds of thousands of pounds on floor space for showrooms, wages to salespeople and bonuses for management. How do they afford this? They pass the excess expenditure on to you, the customer. You’re not actually paying a premium for high-quality furniture – you’re helping giant corporations keep their offices well-lit and heated all year round. If it doesn’t make you mad, it should!

While having a physical location is nice, our online presence equals better savings for you. Our whole family, including our designers, wider team and customers, reap the rewards.

Removing the middleman

Our dedicated design experts handcraft our masterpieces in-house – not to mention we have talented teams that store, sell and deliver our products across the UK. Having control over the entire production process means we can guarantee an incredible service that’ll give you confidence in your furniture investments.

There are bucketloads of benefits to cutting out the middleman. Firstly, we can keep our product lines in stock and ready to purchase at the click of a button. Then, we can testify to our top-notch delivery service – you won’t have to wait weeks for your item to arrive or fight for a dispatch update!

Furthermore, breaking our reliance on third-party companies is one of the main reasons we can offer our furniture at such fantastic prices. As mentioned above, when we save money, the customer saves money.

Five-star service from start to finish

Prompt and secure delivery

When you purchase a beloved piece from us, we promise we’ll take care of it from the moment it’s hand-picked for delivery to when it’s set down in your home. Our fully trained and experienced delivery drivers take the safest possible routes, ensuring your item arrives without a scratch. Plus, they’ll carry units straight to the room of your choice, saving you backache and a potentially awkward journey up the stairs!

Tired of eagerly waiting by the window for your delivery to arrive, wistfully staring at plain white vans zooming past? Luckily, our customised vehicles are easy to spot. Thanks to our highly polished branding, plus some especially eye-catching designs, you’ll know it’s us before we even knock.

As soon as your order is received, we’ll send you a confirmation email before arranging a delivery window that works for you. We operate Monday to Sunday, between 7 am and 10 pm, to give you as much choice as possible. As we own our vans, we can usually provide a two-hour delivery slot for your convenience – there’s nothing worse than wasting a day waiting around.

Friendly customer service

We pride ourselves on delivering friendly customer service at all times. Moreover, we aim for transparency in all of our communications. You can contact our brilliant team for personalised advice whenever you have a problem, big or small.

Despite being an online brand, there’s no irritating robot in sight. Our human-run customer service team knows the business inside out, meaning you’ll always leave the conversation with helpful feedback. However, don’t just take our word for it – flick through these glowing reviews on Trustpilot instead.

Satisfaction guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll be satisfied with your furniture experience that we offer a 14-day no-quibble returns policy on all our products. If you don’t like the style, send it back for a full refund. Perhaps, you’ve seen another piece on our website that you like more? Whatever the reason, rest assured that you can change your mind anytime within this window. 

And, unlike our competitors, we don’t charge a collection fee. We’ll take care of the return logistics for you, making the process as stress-free and seamless as possible. Renovating your home is challenging enough without cowboy companies taking advantage!

Shop with a company you trust

By keeping our operations in-house, we can pass our savings on to our customers. We’re always looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality to bring you the exquisite furniture you deserve. That’s how we always deliver the best standards for the best prices in the UK.

If you take away anything from this article, let it be that expensive furniture isn’t necessarily better – you’re mostly paying extra for needless extravagance. We prefer to keep things simple, from our production process to our unique designs.

Ready to browse our outstanding collections? Visit our website for more information. If you have any questions about our products and services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call our friendly team on 01989 763343 or email [email protected] – one of our customer service members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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