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Congratulations to the Winner of Our VE Day Sideboard

As we saw all over the news in May, it’s been 75 years since the end of the Second World War in Europe. To mark the momentous occasion, we created a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. Our commemorative VE Day Sideboard was up for grabs to whoever could guess the number...
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5 Beautiful Storage Solutions For Your Home

Say hello to June with beautiful storage for every room With most of us spending more time in our homes than ever, now is the perfect time to clear away the clutter and reorganise. If you think tidying has to be a chore, think again. These five beautiful storage solutions...
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Get a Free Chair with Your New Office Desk

At, we’re committed to creating unique furniture solutions, tailored to the twists and turns of modern life. It’s fair to say remote working is one of the latest turns. Thankfully, we’ve got just the solution – fully functional desks that double up as a stylish dressing table. The best...
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Decorative Antiques and Textiles Fair London

Here at we like to keep our ears to the ground when it comes to styles and trends. So, for us it is important to get out and about and see what is going on in the world of design. To this end we sent our Art Director, Judi...
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Give hallway clutter the boot!

For many people, a hallway is just something you pass through. It’s rarely shown the love we give to our living rooms or kitchens. In fact, yours is probably feeling neglected right now. If that makes you feel bad about yourself, don’t worry. We can help. With a little organisation...
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It’s hard to be humble when you’re a versatile, space-saving table

  A table isn’t just a table. It’s a dining area, a coffee bar, a meeting place, even a home office or a desk for the kids to do their homework on. So, it needs to be versatile, especially when space is at a premium. Which is where we come...
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Mid-century modern

Sometimes it’s good to look back in order to go forward. And it’s surely no coincidence that mid-century furniture is returning to popularity at the same time as vinyl record sales are hitting a 25-year high. Think of the tactile pleasure that comes from playing a physical record, or the...
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Edvard Ølsén: where traditional craftsmanship meets modern design.

Here at we’ve been working with Danish company Edvard Ølsen to bring you beautiful-but-tough oak furniture. And we’re very excited about the results. It matters more than all the Danish pastries in the world to us that we create furniture that looks right at home. In your home. It’s...
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Crafting your custom look furniture!

  Two of the custom option picked by customers of   Have you got an idea for a special dream room but are frustrated that you cannot get everything just as you want? This is a common frustration of a lot of us. We can paint the walls change...
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Big Brother

With Big Brother back on our screens; we thought we would have a look back at last year’s show.
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