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27 July 2022

Space-Saving Furniture Ideas for Compact Studio Flats

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

Drop leaf navy table for studio flat

From London to Leeds, studio flats offer Brits the chance to live in major cities, without sky-high rents or mortgages. Singles and couples live in these pocket-sized apartments across the country. Studio flats are also popular in smaller towns where they’re often perched above the high street or attached to a larger property.

These compact living spaces are a fantastic option for many people, though finding furniture for studio apartments does present a unique set of challenges. This is where solutions like room dividers and small dining tables raise the bar. Read on for ideas!

Clever studio flat furniture ideas

Room dividers

The nature of studio flats means that your living, cooking, dining and sleeping areas are all part of the same space. This is an incredibly efficient way of living however it can make your home feel a little claustrophobic. Room dividers are a clever way to partition your space and create different zones.

Of course, real estate in studio flats is valuable. This is why your studio flat room divider should play multiple roles. A bookcase room divider is a great alternative to a standalone screen. It acts as both a room divider and a functional piece of furniture, so you won’t be wasting an inch of valuable space.

A studio flat room divider with open shelves provides extra storage space, without boxing in your new zone. Designs like the dove grey room divider from our Florence collection can not only be placed against the wall but also used as a freestanding screen. Clever features like a built-in drawer and wicker boxes give this piece a craftsman-quality aesthetic that flatpack furniture simply can’t replicate.

Looking for something a little smaller? An airy low-profile white bookcase is a great option and the adjustable shelves make it easy to customise the unit as needed.

Small dining tables

Living in a studio flat doesn’t have to mean eating dinner on the sofa every night. If you’re looking for ideas on how to furnish a studio apartment, small dining tables for compact spaces are a game changer.

For the ultimate space-saving solution, invest in an extendable navy blue dining table for a studio flat with a drop leaf that can be pulled out as needed. This makes it easy to unlock extra space when you’re hosting friends and family or tackling that 1000-piece jigsaw, then it can be downsized for everyday use.

Slim bed frames

When it comes to furniture for studio flats, slim bed frames are a must. There’s plenty to love about studio flats but they simply don’t offer the luxury of space.

A small 3ft single bed frame or a slim double bed for studio flats from the Edward Hopper range will make your flat feel larger and less cluttered. Plus, you can store essential items like shoes and spare bedding in boxes underneath.

With so many creative studio flat furniture ideas to try, compact living has never been easier. Whether you want to increase storage, create designated “zones” or simply give your flat a fresh new look, you’ll love our range of furniture for studio apartments, built and assembled right here in the UK.

davehragsuk-com avatar
Dave Hut
Content Editor

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