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01 April 2022

Room Dividers – New Range!

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

When it comes to interior design tricks, room dividers are one of the industry’s best-kept secrets. They are a clever way to section off different spaces in a room, create clearly defined areas and unlock extra storage.

Whether you’re furnishing a compact studio apartment, spacious open-plan living area or generously sized bedroom, our brand-new range of Florence room dividers is the perfect way to get creative. We’re excited to add these new items to our range of heirloom quality furniture and help Brits across the country create stylish, functional spaces.

Without further ado, here’s a closer look at the newest addition to our Florence collection…

Florence Large Room Divider / Shelving Unit

Tall and slender, the Florence large room divider/shelving unit combines form and function to create an attractive space-saving piece. The Georgian-inspired design features opening shelves and elevated feet for an elegant and airy look that will complement both classic and contemporary living spaces.

The durable storage baskets, multiple compartments and spacious bottom drawer make it practical by nature, while premium quality wood and incredible attention to detail ensure it steps up as a centrepiece in any room.

This unit is perfect for dividing compact spaces like apartments and studio flats, to create separate living and sleeping spaces. It can also be set against a wall and used to display books, photographs and trinkets in larger rooms.

Tips for making the most of room dividers

  • Add a hanging pendant or freestanding lamp to create even more definition in your new space. A rug can also be a good way to characterise your space.
  • Accessorise the divider with vases filled with dried flowers, decorative candles, ornaments or a row of hardback books to make the piece your own.
  • Neutral dove grey bookcases and white room dividers are perfect for blending in with your décor and creating an understated look. However, if you take a bold approach to decorating, you may want to consider painting your room divider in a custom colour. From trending tones like Pantone’s Veri Peri to timeless hues like royal blue and forest green, the choice is yours. Whatever your style, our custom colour service makes it easy to create a look that’s utterly unique. Simply fill out our online form to paint a picture for our team and we’ll get back to you with a quote and time frame.
  • Streamline your space and match your room divider to other furniture items. Our Florence room divider is a beautiful standalone piece, however, when paired with other items from the Florence living room and dining range, it really looks at home.
  • Unless you position them against a wall, room dividers are usually freestanding. This means you’ll want to invest in sturdy pieces for the sake of longevity, stability and safety. With that in mind, our units are constructed from genuine hardwood in small batches and quality checked by hand before being dispatched.

Browse the full Florence range online or follow us on Instagram for more styling tips.

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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