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25 October 2021

How to Update Your Kitchen on a £2500 Budget

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

From dining spaces to pop-up offices, kitchens have a myriad of uses for modern-day homeowners. As such, they should be multifunctional and marvellously stylish somewhere you’d want to spend your precious waking hours. If yours misses the mark, there’s no need to worry. Here at, we have a treasure chest of affordable kitchen update ideas to transform dull rooms into spectacular settings.

Read on as we reveal 11 effortless ways to update an old kitchen on a budget. We also share several elegant products from our Florence range that won’t break the bank.

11 kitchen update ideas for under £2500

Breathing new life into uninspiring kitchens doesn’t have to be stressful or costly. Instead of changing the entire layout and rerouting plumbing and/or wiring (a headache at the best of times), the following easy-to-implement hacks will refresh your kitchen’s existing elements and accentuate space.

1.    Introduce an innovative breakfast bar

Ideal for smaller kitchens, Florence breakfast bars provide a tidy space to eat, work and socialise. Despite their compact size, they boast an impressive range of features, including two slatted shelves, hidden chopping boards and naturally antibacterial surfaces.

Alongside unbeatable practicality, they add a dash of sophistication to revamp your kitchen. Our white breakfast bar complements minimalist surroundings with crisp lines and long tapered legs (check out this fantastic home makeover to view the finished result), whereas a navy blue hue suits kitchens with dark accents.

Whatever you choose, these clever and oh-so-chic units combat kitchen mishaps and everyday wear because they’re built to last. The high-quality acacia wood structure is stain-resistant (handy for clumsy cooks) and mould-proof even when wet. What’s more, the set comes fully assembled and ready for use, saving you time as well as pennies on your kitchen update.

2.    Buy a brand-new dining set

Buying a brand-new dining set is a cost-effective way to refresh your kitchen. You could replace a bog-standard table with a large pedestal white dining table from our Florence range or exchange back-breaking seats for ergonomic Florence country-style white dining chairs. The possibilities are endless, but one thing’s guaranteed you’ll turn the most discerning dinner guests green with envy!

Large extendable truffle dining tables are a great option for updating kitchens with lots of space. The understated brownish-grey frame invokes images of pretty Cotswold cottages and French farmhouses, complete with architectural details like exposed brick and dormer windows. Best of all, the table’s centre leaf extends from 115cm to 160cm to accommodate six people, making busy family mealtimes a breeze.

3.    Lay smart flooring without professional intervention

We know what you’re thinking a new floor will cost a bomb! Well, contrary to popular belief, there’s a wealth of affordable materials on the market to help you update your kitchen on a budget.

Ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate or cork flooring is easy to lay (wave goodbye to professional installation fees) and amazingly long-lasting. You can find attractive patterns, prints and colours within each category to inject kitchens with some much-needed charisma.

Laminate flooring is particularly popular because it convincingly impersonates expensive materials like hardwood, natural stone and metal. If you’re a beginner DIYer, we suggest vinyl tiles or planks, because you can place them over subfloors to avoid the expense and mess of new underlay.

4.    Swap chairs for contemporary wooden benches

If you want to revamp your kitchen with a contemporary twist, try swapping standard chairs for rustic Florence wooden benches. Not only do they add space around your dining table, but they eliminate clutter and make gatherings with loved ones much more intimate.

Whether you prefer white, navy or sage green dining benches, there’s a bench colour and length for every dining set, including 120cm and 140cm options. Seeing as they’re wildly economical to purchase, you could even treat yourself to a matching sage green dining table to complete the look.

For extra pizzazz, why not elevate the gorgeous, brushed acacia wood seat with an assortment of patterned cushions and throws? Clashing fabrics lend depth to monochrome schemes and allow you to express all aspects of your personality.

5.    Paint kitchen cabinets for the wow factor

A kitchen update shouldn’t be solely about the furniture. Why bother installing fancy new cabinets when you can apply inexpensive furniture paint instead? When done well, a fresh coat of eye-popping colour transforms the kitchen’s appearance on a minimal budget.

There are some rules to follow when undertaking this DIY project. Firstly, wooden kitchen cabinets can be unforgiving with gaping grooves and open grain, so you should thoroughly clean and sand the area before painting. If you find deep cracks, use putty to smooth the surface.

Then, run masking tape along the cabinet’s edges to protect walls and cover counters, floors and appliances with trusty dust sheets. After removing the handles, you can choose to hand paint or spray the furniture, depending on time restraints and expertise.

Spray painting is faster and renders an even coverage free from brush strokes, but it’s slightly pricier because of wastage. Although hand painting is finickity, it usually comes with additional colour choices and fewer toxic fumes during application.

6.    Use simple accessories to brighten dreary spaces

Sometimes, the little things make all the difference when it comes to kitchen updates. Think fluffy blankets, personalised cork boards or miniature herb nurseries gracing window sills. These kinds of accessories are incredibly thrifty yet possess an allure that defies their size.

As kitchens are the heart of the home, it makes sense to hang a classy clock to keep everyone in the loop. There are plenty of traditional and contemporary designs to peruse, including French provincial, farmhouse, retro and Art Deco.

Perhaps, you’re after an extra-large wall mirror to create the illusion of space? The reflective surface will catapult sunbeams to maximise natural light in small kitchens. Or maybe you want something purely ornamental to round off shabby chic, Scandinavian hygge, gothic and minimalist environments.

We recommend the arched gothic grey window mirror for its unpolished, distressed look that screams loft luxe. In contrast, whimsical romantics can’t go wrong with the Olivia heart wall mirror the delicate woven frame exudes feminine glamour and grace.

7.    Delight inner chefs with a freestanding kitchen island

Freestanding Florence kitchen islands promise to placate those who love to cook, from budding bakers to professional chefs. They are exceptionally efficient, overflowing with slatted shelves, drawers and cupboards, naturally antibacterial tops, removable utensil separators, and built-in chopping boards. What more could you want?

Most importantly, the generously sized counters offer ample space for food preparation, whether you’re whipping up freshly baked loaves for breakfast or tackling extravagant five-course dinner party menus.

Kitchen islands are available in a selection of timeless colours, from trendy white, dove grey and truffle to a rich navy blue. Palette aside, every design combines pine and acacia hardwood for maximum longevity and durability.

Not sure whether your kitchen is big enough for an island? Read our essential size guide to find out.

8.    Blow guests away with vibrant statement walls

Tedious paint jobs are unnecessary when you can invest your energy into just one statement feature wall to dazzle friends and family. Besides requiring fewer resources, standout walls define specific areas and add intrigue without feeling chaotic.

Which wall should benefit from your eclectic imagination? Opting for a bright end wall in galley kitchens makes the space feel larger, while decorating the area behind the dining table separates work and leisure space. You could also insert an understated backsplash behind the sink in tight kitchens if too much colour threatens sensory overload.

Paint or wallpaper is the simplest method for phenomenal focal points, but you could also display artwork, plant a living garden or organise your utensils in open storage units. Some crafty cooks even erect customised culinary-themed pegboards for their beloved pots and pans.

If you’d like, you can also tailor your kitchen furniture to match your walls or cupboards with our custom paint service. Simply tell us the shade and we’ll find the perfect match to personalise any item from our wooden furniture ranges. Sound interesting? Learn more about custom furniture options on our blog.

9.  Illuminate shadows with dramatic lighting

Kitchen lighting serves a dual purpose to enhance the ambience and illuminate counters for safe, shadow-free cooking. When it comes to updating kitchen lights, remember that they need to be both functional and mood-boosting for stress-free dinners and evenings spent relaxing at home.

Wall lights produce an unobtrusive background illumination while you tackle new recipes, blanketing surfaces in a migraine-friendly glow. If you have high ceilings, up lights on top of kitchen cabinets boost visibility without the need for extra lamps.

Glittering pendant lights or faux chandeliers speak to more theatrical families. And, when dangled over dining tables (much like feature walls), they differentiate between kitchen and dining areas.

10.    Add a fashionable display cabinet and wine rack combo

Those partial to a tipple or two are sure to adore a Georgian-inspired display cabinet that showcases cherished glasses, dinner sets and china. Lovingly constructed with storage front of mind, models comprise height-adjustable shelves, wipe-clean storage baskets, roomy drawers and wine racks for stashing your favourite bottles.

The Florence display cabinet with wine rack in white (also available in navy blue, dove grey and truffle) doesn’t skimp on details. The grand glass doors, plinth top and symmetrical feet ooze vintage charm, balancing the modern acacia wood and leather trim.

Who doesn’t love a juicy Shiraz overflowing with notes of pepper, spice and sweet red fruit? Florence display cabinets hold up to ten bottles of heavenly nectar, so you’ll always have the perfect dinner accompaniment to hand.

Of course, not everyone has space for a rather imposing display cabinet, which is where space-saving corner cupboards shine. The Florence corner display cabinet in sage green is a narrower alternative that makes use of awkward areas in your kitchen. The warm earthy undertones enliven unloved nooks, restoring character to empty-looking rooms.

11.        Incorporate statement appliances

Have you ever wanted to break outside your comfort zone? If so, how about a bold appliance in smouldering volcanic red, sunny yellow or pretty pink? Rainbow kitchenware is a blast from the past, encapsulating 1950s retro in all its kaleidoscopic glory.

The only downside is how fast fashion moves because certain colours might go out of style quickly. Avid trend-setters might prefer neutral themes and custom-sized cabinet panels that hide appliances from view it’s a safer way to turn fridges, ovens, and microwaves into significant eye-catching highlights.

Alternatively, you could select a mixed metal masterpiece. Copper and stainless steel appliances are all the rage, while gold panelling or knobs add a touch of opulence.

Update your kitchen on a budget with

Who knew revamping your kitchen on a budget could be so easy? By implementing these fuss-free hacks, your space will feel brand-new and wonderfully unique.

We recommend browsing through the iconic Florence collection to find kitchen update ideas that are well below budget. Although affordable, each piece is hand-crafted to promote comfort, practicality and a sense of welcoming companionship. And all of our must-have furniture for family kitchens is available in a selection of timeless colours for ultimate versatility. Plus, most arrive partially or fully assembled for use straight away.

Transforming your home is a massive endeavour, so we strive to make the process as easy as possible. That’s why we offer a no-quibble 14-day return policy and fast delivery. Our friendly customer service team is only a phone call away to assist with any queries.

We’re happy to answer all your questions on 01989 763343 or send an email to [email protected] and one of our kitchen experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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