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08 October 2021

How to Arrange Furniture for the Size & Shape of Your Bedroom

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

Whenever you move into a new property, one of the trickiest parts of the settling-in process is figuring out how to arrange bedroom furniture to maximise the space available.

If you’re in the process of moving and you’re pondering this very predicament, here at we’re eager to share our expert tips and tricks on how to arrange a bedroom to make the most of the space you have. Whether your new bedroom is small, large, square-shaped or rectangular, we can guide you through the best bedroom layout for that particular space. Plus, our stunning bedroom ranges offer plenty of options when it comes to picking the ideal furnishings to fit into your sleeping quarters.

Keep reading to discover how to arrange your bedroom furniture in a way that manages to be both practical and stylish, providing you with a relaxing and pleasant space in which to unwind.

Small bedroom layout ideas

Arranging bedroom furniture in a smaller bedroom can be something of a challenge, as the most important thing is to squeeze the furnishings into place without crowding the room too much. No matter how small the space, you still need room to move around and feel comfortable. Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can be creative with furnishing a more restricted space to help your small bedroom look and feel larger than it is. If you’re about to move into a cosy bedroom and you need help with bedroom arranging ideas, why not try out these helpful tips?

Make your bed the focal point

Placing your bed in the centre of the room, in the middle of the dominant stretch of wall (which is normally the one opposite the doorway) gives you a central focus around which to arrange the rest of your furniture. This eye-pleasing symmetry helps to make the room look ordered and more spacious.

When it comes to the bed itself, you may want to consider a white bed frame, such as this Juliette shabby chic single bed, with an elegant hand-carved headboard made of pine. White surfaces reflect light, giving the illusion of added brightness and space. Pair it with a matching white Juliette bedside table, perhaps with crystal handles for extra sparkle, to maximise that brightening effect!

Use height to your advantage

When it comes to storing your clothes and possessions in a small bedroom, it’s a good idea to use a tall dresser rather than a wide one, to maximise the space as much as possible. Here at, we have a number of elegant white tallboy dressers in our Romance, Gainsborough, and Juliette collections which would fit the bill perfectly. Not only can you store your clothes in style, but you can also use the tops of the tallboys for ornaments and photographs, or even a small TV or radio.

Add a strategically placed accessory or two

It’s a marvel what accessories can achieve when it comes to making the most of your small bedroom. For instance, placing mirrors on the walls of the room is a clever way of giving the illusion of a bigger bedroom, as their reflections open up whole new areas of space and light.

Similarly, rugs can have a space-boosting effect too, as long as you choose the right size and placement. If your bed is centrally placed, as we’ve mentioned, position the rug approximately two-thirds of the way underneath the bed, to give an illusion of more space.

Large bedroom layout ideas

You may think that bedroom furniture placement in a big room will be a piece of cake, but large spaces can actually be almost as tricky to furnish as small ones. Here are a couple of handy tips for the best bedroom layout for more substantial spaces.

The bigger your furniture, the better!

If you’ve been blessed with a particularly ample master bedroom, the key is not to let allow all that delicious space to drown you. This can be accomplished through the use of oversized furnishings.

For instance, you could opt for a super king-size bed, such as this exquisite shabby Juliette model, also available with a wooden frame and in champagne hues. This timelessly elegant bed will fit perfectly in the centre of your spacious bedroom. To go with it, why not plump for a particularly opulent storage option for your clothes and other belongings? Our Juliette collection features this classy white triple freestanding wardrobe, the perfect pair for your super king-size bed.

Alternatively, a striking Hampton’s style king-size bed from our Gainsborough range will work equally as well. Pair it with a matching triple wardrobe with crystal handles that offers massive amounts of storage and will match most styles of decor. 

How to arrange bedroom furniture in a square room

Another important thing to consider when moving into a new bedroom is the shape of the space, as well as the size. Are you going to be arranging furniture in a square-shaped bedroom? Here are some suggestions for square bedroom layouts.

Go for symmetry every time

As with arranging bedroom furniture in a smaller space, maintaining symmetry is best when you decorate square bedrooms. Make your bed the focal point, and arrange a nightstand on either side, such as these sleek Edward Hopper oak bedside tables.

Place a wide chest opposite the bed

Opt for a wide chest or dresser to accentuate the symmetry of your square bedroom. We have a wide range of chests available, in different colours and styles. For more of a shabby chic, antique feel, consider the Juliette large white 6 drawer chest. If you’re after something more modern, these white Edward Hopper drawers provide a practical and elegant space for your storage. You can place a flat-screen TV on top, or simply use the space for displaying treasured photos, ornaments or a jewellery stand.  

How to arrange bedroom furniture in a rectangular room

You may not realise this, but rectangular bedrooms are actually the easiest shape to decorate, providing lots of flexibility when it comes to furniture placement. As a result, it’s really up to you how you choose to arrange bedroom furniture in this space. Here are a couple of helpful hints to get you started.

Choose furniture in different sizes

To maintain space and brightness in your rectangular bedroom, don’t choose too many items of big furniture. If you’ve slotted in a king-size bed, such as this lavish Juliette gold king bed, pair it with smaller pieces such as a blanket storage box, a tallboy chest, and a chest of drawers. One or two nightstands can also offer extra storage without taking up too much room.

Create clearly defined areas

In your rectangular room, it can help to break it up into designated areas. There can be your sleeping area and then perhaps a separate dressing area. This might include an elegant dressing table or a cosy reading nook with a small bookshelf.

How to arrange bedroom furniture – sorted!

As you can see, there are all kinds of ways to be creative with your bedroom furnishings in order to suit whatever size or shape of room you have. Here at, we pride ourselves on helping you create the perfect living quarters.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our bedroom furniture ranges, don’t hesitate to call us on 01989 763343, or drop us an email at [email protected] and one of our helpful sales team will be in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively, explore our favourite bedroom storage solutions on our blog.

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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