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23 April 2021

Add Warmth to Your Home with Natural Materials

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

Add Warmth to Your Home with Natural Materials

Whether you’re a keen follower of interior trends, or you simply want to make your home feel cosier, you’re in the right place.
While grey has been the focus of home interior palettes for several years, warmer neutrals and calming browns are making a comeback in 2021. In fact, Brave Ground – a contemporary twist on taupe – is the official Dulux Colour of the Year.

Natural materials like timber, linen, rattan and wool are also increasingly popular when it comes to home furnishings, due to the desire to live more sustainably and to feel more grounded.

If this strikes a chord with you, read on to learn how to incorporate these trends into your own décor, while adding warmth to your home using natural materials.

Natural home furnishings

Light wood furniture

If you’re one of the many people trying to be more eco-friendly with your buying habits, our sustainable wooden furniture could be the perfect choice for you.
The light wood furniture within our Scandinavian-inspired Edvard Olsen range is made from responsibly sourced oak and offers a raw timber look that is right on trend. The sleek light oak sideboards and simple dining tables in this collection are ideal for furnishing minimalistic, contemporary home interiors.

For something a little more rustic, each piece in our best-selling Florence range features an acacia wood top with a stunning natural wood grain finish that is sure to add character to any room in your home. Choose from a selection of neutral colours to suit your décor.

Matte textured fabrics

This year there has also been a clear step away from man-made, high-sheen fabrics like polyester. Instead, textured fabrics made from natural materials are being used to add depth and a sense of comfort to living spaces.
Woven linen is a great choice for curtains and roller blinds, woollen blankets give living rooms and bedrooms a cosy feel during the colder seasons and seagrass rugs are hardwearing and stain-resistant – perfect for placing under coffee tables.
Incorporating a mix of these natural fabrics will soften the look of timber and stone elements and help create a warm home interior. Keep things simple with earthy tones like brown and beige, or try out soft furnishings in a contrasting shade to add a bold splash of colour against a neutral backdrop.

Complementary accessories

In addition to soft furnishings, you may also want to add some corresponding accessories to help tie your home interior styling together.

To maintain the essence of the look you’re going for, include items made from natural materials, rather than plastic. Choose things like macramé wall hangings made from twine, linen lamp shades and brown leather accessories. To brighten your living space, add some greenery with potted plants or create a shabby chic feel with dried flowers. Bronze colours are also on trend at the moment, so consider inserting some brass or copper details using mirrors, lamps and ornaments. This will create a chic and edgy contrast when paired with soft woven fabrics and light wood furniture.

Wicker storage basket furniture

Gone are the days of rattan furniture only appearing in conservatories. Having proved popular in 2020, wicker storage basket furniture isn’t going anywhere in 2021. The intricately woven rattan braiding is incredibly tactile and brings a warm and welcoming feel to modern home interiors thanks to its vintage feel. Sturdier than fabric and more flexible than timber, this natural material is ideal for creating retro storage baskets. If you’d like to try this unique furniture style yourself, check out our stylish Tetbury range. From laundry pedestals to handy storage benches and traditional coat racks with a twist, this collection is ideal for busy family households.

The faux wicker storage baskets look completely authentic, with the added bonus of being wipe-clean. They are also strengthened with hidden steel for long-lasting durability and the leather handles add a layer of country charm to the overall look.

Create a homely interior

At, we pride ourselves on offering our customers quality wooden furniture that is both practical and attractive. Our materials are sustainably sourced and each item is built to last by our team of expert furniture makers.
With a wide selection of designs available, from light oak coffee tables to Georgian-inspired bed frames and handcrafted sideboards that hark back to the Victorian era, you can create the warm and homely interior you desire, whichever style you prefer.

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