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13 April 2018

Give hallway clutter the boot!

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

For many people, a hallway is just something you pass through. It’s rarely shown the love we give to our living rooms or kitchens. In fact, yours is probably feeling neglected right now. If that makes you feel bad about yourself, don’t worry. We can help.

With a little organisation and the right furniture, it can be the inviting entrance that your home craves. And the welcome that your guests deserve when they turn up on your doorstep. Just think about it. The hall is the first thing any visitor sees, so it needs to impress. But that’s hard to do when it’s a mass of coats, shoes, brollies and whatever else you’re in the habit of depositing there.

Which brings us to our strange passion about hallway furniture. We decided that our range needed to be practical while looking the part. Like a well-dressed concierge with all the answers at your favourite hotel, perhaps.

But enough loitering in the doorway. Let’s go inside.

Juliette bed used in Big Brother 2017

We’re sure you’ll agree that the Tetbury storage bench is beautifully functional. Its lined baskets will discreetly tuck away your shoes, boots and other clutter, with not a word to another living soul about what it has in there. It’s also the perfect place to lace up your boots, which means no more kangaroo impressions while you hop around the hallway trying to get them on. And you can use it to prep the kids for school. Schoolbag. Check. Gym kit. Check. Lunchbox. Check. No half-chewed leftovers from yesterday’s lunch. Check.


The versatile Tetbury coat rack

The Tetbury coat rack gives you lots of hooks on which to hang your outdoor clothing, such a necessity in the volatile British climate. Your coats and jackets will also enjoy the opportunity to hang loose and breathe easy up there. There’s nothing a raincoat hates more than being dumped over the staircase amidst a huddle of other damp coats and jackets.

The high baskets are great for storing your hats, gloves and scarfs, while the top is ideal for personal style items or the odd crash helmet.

And whatever you want to store or hang on this versatile piece of wall furniture, there’s no need to worry about its ability to take the strain. We know that, because we hung an actual human being from one of the hooks just to make sure. We freely admit that the human being in question was a bit traumatised by the experience, but we think that’s a small price to pay to bring you great furniture.

The classic monks bench with a twist

Our monks bench is another great asset to have when you’re trying to get everyone up and out of the house on a busy morning. In designing it, we even thought about your little ones’ fingers. With no coffer lid, there is nothing to fall and injure them. We also have a range of child-pleasing seat covers (see example in the photo below), as well as a few more classic grown-up ones.

We have combined the elegance of a traditional monks bench with practical, free-moving baskets. These don’t just allow you to keep your hallway spic and span, they also allow for a quick décor change if you ever want to swap them for a different colour or for traditional unpainted wicker baskets.



Bring a touch of la dolce vita to your hallway with the Florence console table. Its slim profile is perfect for tighter spaces, but it’s also sturdy enough to take a good-sized mirror so you can check your hair or make-up on your way out of the house. Or perhaps straighten that lopsided tie.

Its classic style cries out to be the centrepiece of your entrance, but it offers practicality as well as looks. It comes with either two or three drawers, perfect for tidying away that day-to-day clutter and incoming mail.


The classic Florence bench

If storage is not your primary concern, you could always go with our chic Florence bench . Not just a stylish piece of furniture for your hall, but also a useful place to put on or remove your shoes or slippers. It also comes in really handy when you need a bit of extra seating elsewhere in the house.

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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