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06 August 2021

4 Decorating Tips for Small Living Rooms

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

living room storage furniture

Are you struggling to decorate a small living room? Many of us have a dream living area in our heads, but when you’re short on space, it may seem difficult to turn that dream into reality.

If you’re looking for living room decorating tips, you’re in the right place. At, we’ve put together our top 4 tips for decorating small living rooms. Perfect for flats, studios or even snugs in a larger home, these ideas will help you create a room you can be proud of, no matter the size of your floorplan.

Whether you’re searching for living room furniture sets for small spaces or simply want to know how you can avoid a cluttered feel in your home, read on. After all, we all know it’s not about how big your living room is – it’s what you do with it!

How to decorate a small living room

1.    Stick to light colours

If you want to make your small living room seem larger, one of the most important decorating tips is to stick to light and neutral colour schemes. Although dark colours can be striking in a larger space, they can make smaller rooms feel cramped and oppressive.

Our bestselling Florence range is available in a variety of beautiful colours. The white, truffle, and dove grey colourways will be particularly effective in a small living room. Neutrals not your thing? For a subtle splash of colour, our sage green furniture is perfect for adding some personality to your décor. It’s also been one of the most on-trend colours for fashion and homewares over the last couple of years.

2.    Find smart storage solutions

Storage is important in every home, regardless of size – but if you’re short on space, it can be a real issue. Clutter can accumulate far more quickly in a small living room, but you’ve also got less space for extra furniture. The solution? Versatile furniture with inbuilt storage that serves multiple purposes.

Furniture generally has to work harder in small rooms to earn its place. Our Florence corner TV unit is the definition of multi-purpose, with two deep drawers, a handy shelf and a pre-drilled hole for keeping cables neatly out of sight. Even better, we carefully designed its shape to fit in the corner of your room, helping you make use of every inch of your home.

3.    Avoid heavy-looking furniture

Our Florence range might be crafted from solid hardwood, but our pieces are deceptively light on their feet! This is thanks to their tapered legs and clean lines. Instead of sitting directly on your floor, we’ve also elevated our pieces on elegant feet. Not only does this add interest to your furniture, but it also means your room won’t look weighed down – a particular risk in small spaces.

If you’re browsing for living room furniture for small rooms, always look out for thoughtful details such as this. The best furniture for a small living room will include features such as chamfered tabletops and tapered legs, which mean you get maximum storage space without eating up your floorplan.

4.    Add mirrors to your living room

Adding mirrors is another important trick if you want to make a small living room appear larger. From the large wall-mounted mirror in our Edward Hopper range to our shabby chic-inspired Fleur mirror, these stunning wall additions will help to reflect light in your room and create a sense of more space.

Available in a range of shapes, sizes, and styles, you can get creative and choose a mirror that perfectly complements your living room furniture sets for small spaces. It will also help to add depth to your room, which is particularly important if you don’t have large windows.

Embrace your space with

Is space at a premium in your home? The right furniture can transform a cramped living room into a light and cosy lounge. By following the tips in this blog post, you can make the most of the space you’ve got and create a beautiful room you’ll never want to leave.

Want to find out more about our Florence range – or have questions about our handcrafted wooden furniture? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Drop us a line on 01989 763343 or email [email protected] today.

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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