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18 November 2021

12 Furniture & Décor Ideas For Small Guest Bedrooms

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

If you love inviting friends and family to stay but dread planning where they’re going to sleep, fear not!

Many households have that one room that’s big enough for a bed and not much else. But having limited space doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on the detail or on home comforts. In fact, small guest bedroom design ideas can pack bags of personality

Not sure where to start with decorating your guest room? There are all kinds of tips and tricks you can try to get the most out of these tiny spaces, and we’re here to show you how.

Things to consider when designing guest bedrooms

There are a few main concepts to consider when choosing how to design a guest bedroom. First up is the layout, then you have décor and last but not least, the furniture. It’s actually sometimes easier to create a cosy small bedroom, as you don’t have to worry about wasted space. Also, making sure you cover the essentials in your design and adding those unique touches will make your guests feel at home. 

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration to see beyond the size of a room. So, check out our handy guide below to get started.

Guest bedroom layout ideas

1. Keep it simple

There’s not much space to play with in a small room, so leave the fancy layout design ideas for other areas. The key here is to keep it simple. In most cases, the obvious option is to push the bed against a suitable wall to maximise floor space.

2. Furniture placement

Alongside the bed, other soft furnishings will make it feel more homely. However, don’t go overboard. Think about the space you have and what a guest room might need. A bedside table and a small chest of drawers should provide ample storage.

How to decorate a small guest bedroom

Once the layout is planned, next up is the décor and interior colours.

3. Bright and fresh colours

To create the feeling of a bright and airy space, choose colours that reflect light. This provides the illusion of more space. While you don’t have to avoid dark colours altogether, it’s often best to minimise them in a tiny area. Instead, choose pops of colours to create interest and texture using artwork, cushions and throws.

4. Clever lighting ideas

Another of our favourite guest bedroom decorating ideas is the clever use of lighting. Lighting is the perfect way to set the mood of a room. However, you don’t have to stick with traditional options if you’re lacking space.

If you don’t have room for a bedside table, try a pendant light or wall fitting. This provides a softer alternative to the main bedroom light on an evening. Plus, it means your guest won’t have to get out of bed to switch the light off.

5. Incorporate fresh flowers and indoor plants

The perfect welcoming gesture for your guests is pretty blooms in the guest room. Opt for indoor succulents and plants if you want something that lasts a little longer than a floral bouquet. This small but vibrant addition adds a fresh and colourful touch to any room.

Small guest bedroom furniture ideas

There is a common misconception that you have to completely cut back on guest bedroom furniture if you’re designing in a small space. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. It’s all about getting the proportions and priorities right.

What do your guests typically use in a guest bedroom? Of course, the obvious is the bed, but what other essentials should you have?

If your clever layout design is spot on, you can incorporate a variety of things, including:

6. Stylish and cosy bed

Many people opt for a king-size bed, but in a small room, it may be worth sizing down to a double. If you need to place the bed near a window frame, there’s also the headboard to consider. So opt for a bed with a small headboard or skip it altogether.

7. Bedside table

A guest bedroom wouldn’t be complete without a bedside table for a lamp and a warming scented candle. However, if you can’t fit in, remember the lighting idea above to add an ambient touch.

8. Storage options

One of the pieces of furniture often left out of a guest bedroom is a wardrobe. While this isn’t surprising considering the space they take up, your guests will still need somewhere to store their clothing.

That’s where clever bedroom storage ideas come in. To give your guests some hanging space, how about a slimline 2-door wardrobe or a clothing rack? There are many size options to avoid overwhelming the space. Plus, the choice of colours will easily fit your décor. A simple hook on the back of the door will also hang coats and bags.

Alternatively, another great spot for extra storage is under the bed. Opt for a bed that has built-in storage or DIY your own with some wheeled drawers.

9. Mirror

One of the best ways to create the illusion of space is to use a mirror. Mirrors reflect light around the room and are ideal for small guest bedrooms with little natural light. Opt for a standing mirror for an elegant touch or hang one on the wall to save space. The bonus – it also adds a spot where your guests can get ready in the morning.

10. Wall-mounted table or desk

Desks and tables can take up a lot of room, so why not mount one to the wall instead? If the chair gets in the way, you can opt for a fold-up design and store it in a wardrobe or under the bed.

Alternatively, choose a simple dressing table with tapered legs and storage drawers at the top. You can then tuck a small bedroom stool and mini pedal bin underneath.

Guest bedroom accessory ideas

To add the final touches to your guest bedroom, accessorise the space. Top options include:

11. Bed linen and cushions

The bed is a great place to create a focal point in the room. Choose linens that complement the colour scheme, and add cushions to create texture and comfort. Just remember to keep large cushions to a minimum, or there may not be much space to store them.

12. Curtains

Your choice of curtains can have a big impact on your room’s apparent dimensions. If in doubt, choose light materials with a blackout feature to ensure a good night’s sleep. Another handy idea is to hang the curtains as high as possible rather than on the frame. The closer they are to the ceiling, the bigger the wall will seem.  

Create the perfect guest bedroom

Small guest bedrooms can create some challenges when it comes to making the most of your space. However, with some innovative layout ideas and optimised storage solutions, it can be a cosy spot for family and friends.

At, we have everything you need to bring your small guest bedroom ideas to life. Our selection of bedroom furniture suits all interior themes, including traditional and contemporary spaces. Plus, our selection of accessories will add a unique touch to your interior design.

Our best-selling ranges feature comfortable single and double beds for small layouts, along with chests of drawers and chic dressing tables – if you can fit them in. We also stock classic storage units suitable for all sizes of room.

Browse our full range online or contact our customer support team on 01989 763343 for further support and advice.

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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