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07 January 2022

10 Reasons Why Navy Blue Furniture is Our Top Trend of 2022

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

While trends are always changing, there’s one moody hue that’s withstood the test of time. Of course, we’re talking about navy blue – our favourite on-trend furniture colour of 2022!

Homeowners everywhere love navy blue furniture thanks to its unbeatable versatility. Not only do dark shades lend depth to minimalistic spaces, but they complement nearly all surrounding colour schemes, including creamy neutrals, clashing patterns and bold primary palettes.

Best of all, navy furniture never goes out of style. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, living room or dining room, you can rest assured that your brand-new accents will impress the trickiest house guests for many years to come.

Still not entirely persuaded by this powerful pigment? Keep reading as we explore ten reasons to choose a classic navy blue for your home decor. Plus, we’ll also highlight several high-quality designs from our original Florence range, each lovingly handcrafted to promote maximum comfort and practicality.

Why navy furniture is our top trend of the year…

1. Never goes out of style

The briefest flick through Pinterest proves navy blue’s enduring qualities. It has been on-trend for several years, particularly in kitchens, and continues to make waves in both traditional and contemporary settings. Perfect in cosy cottages boasting vintage vibes and luxe apartments alike, a splash of navy adds intrigue without compromising a room’s overall theme.

When investing your hard-earned money into new furniture, you should pick a timeless colour that can withstand the fickleness of fashion trends. Otherwise, you may have to break the bank to change your pieces further down the line. With that said, you don’t have to stick to white, black and neutrals if you don’t want to. Instead, rely on a trusty navy that’s far more interesting without feeling overwhelming.

We adore navy blue kitchen furniture because it breaks up monochrome schemes while guaranteeing years of daily use. If your space feels unbearably clinical, full of shiny white appliances, surfaces and tiles, why not cut through the monotony with a country-style navy blue dining table? As well as marrying navy blue and light acacia wood tones for a standout effect, it features an adjustable centre leaf to suit small to large groups. Complete the look with matching curved-back navy blue dining chairs. The ergonomic spinal support makes mealtime misery a thing of the past, and the hard-wearing finish withstands grubby fingers!

If floor space is limited, a breakfast bar is a swanky centrepiece with plenty of room for feeding friends and family. Alongside ample storage for your pots and pans, there’s a slide-out chopping board and naturally antibacterial top for easy food prep. Want more navy blue kitchen ideas? Check out our colourful kitchens post for inspiration.

2. Complements a variety of colours

Navy blue is a true chameleon because it offsets a colossal range of surrounding colours. Somehow, it successfully toes the line between subtlety and drama, meaning you can use it as a neutral or focal point.

So what colours go with navy blue? The possibilities are endless! Bring the outside in with ethereal blue and green pairings reminiscent of lakes surrounded by rolling hills. Or draw out the shade’s playfulness with bright turquoise highlights. 

One of the most iconic combinations has to be navy blue and mustard. Together, this daring duo has an energising effect ideal for bustling communal spaces. Blue living room decor, including our eye-catching navy coffee table and navy TV unit, packs a punch against a sunny yellow backdrop and offers a more subtle contrast than black. Plus, adding patterned throws, cushions and wall art will dazzle retro enthusiasts.

If bold colours leave you feeling uneasy, blend navy blue and warm neutrals with pink or yellow undertones. Sandy beiges and browns create a peaceful, nature-inspired haven that’s even cosier when underscored by raw materials. Something like our spacious navy blue sideboards with brushed wood tones, wicker accents and leather handles ticks all the boxes.

3. Can be warm or cool, depending on the undertone

Despite blue’s frosty demeanour, it can be warm or cool depending on the undertone. Cool blues, like cerulean, are biased towards green, whereas warm blues contain more yellow pigment. Where does navy sit on the spectrum? Despite many associating it with the colder months, its brilliant flexibility means it’s suitable for both north and south-facing rooms.

Navy blue tilts towards yellow, meaning it’s ideal for adding warmth to large, soulless spaces. In chilly north-facing rooms, navy blue furniture absorbs heat and light while redirecting the eye away from empty walls. Textured blankets and rugs, mood lighting and indoor plants will also provide some much-needed insulation.

Stuffy rooms battered by relentless sunshine need dousing in colder shades. We suggest mixing navy blue furniture with cool greys for a chic aesthetic that will enhance your room’s proportions. As for accessories, think less is more – opt for fewer statement pieces in plain fabrics to reduce the risk of clutter.

4. According to experts, navy blue is the new black

It’s clear why the world’s best design gurus believe that navy blue is the new black. When combined with other colours, it offers a softer contrast that treats the senses.

For example, black and pink may evoke images of gothic boudoirs that don’t suit everyone’s tastes. Meanwhile, navy blue and pink oozes grown-up glamour without feeling overly feminine. Similarly, you wouldn’t dream of decorating your lounge in black and orange (unless you’re a Halloween fan), but sophisticated navy living room furniture will bring out the best of tangerine hues.

Unsurprisingly, all kinds of blues are making a comeback in 2022. Dulux has named “Bright Skies” as their colour of the year, while Pantone opted for “Very Peri” – a dynamic periwinkle blue with a striking violet-red undertone. Bright tones aside, expert kitchen designers at Tom Howley picked “Inky Sky” and “Dewberry” as their best-loved shades, both possessing a compelling, steely grey edge.

5. Dark shades make small spaces feel larger

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to stuff small rooms with all-white furniture and neutral walls to maximise space. Instead, draw the attention inwards and create intimacy by choosing darker colours.

Navy blue living room, dining room and kitchen furniture might seem like an unusual choice, but it converts tight spaces into snug nooks for unwinding after a long day’s work. Not only does a lively injection of colour distract from the room’s size, but dark shades create the perception of depth, making walls seem longer and ceilings higher.

If you’re searching for clever storage solutions, a navy blue tallboy is an excellent way to organise clutter. Featuring one generously proportioned drawer and three sturdy baskets, it’ll keep your beloved knick-knacks safe without compromising valuable floor space.

Besides colour, another handy trick for making rooms feel larger includes using mirrors. Mirrors create the illusion of depth because they bounce light around a room and act as makeshift windows to dispel gloomy shadows.

6. Navy blue boosts your mood

When finalising a colour scheme for your space, pay attention to how it makes you feel. Colour psychology has a significant impact on mood, relationships and productivity levels, so finding the right option and arrangement is key.

Navy blue is undeniably assertive, having graced the uniforms of the most decorated maritime war heroes. It’s much more rousing than other blue shades, evoking feelings of power and authority. As a result, it’s therefore perfectly suited to study and work areas. When life’s to-dos and deadlines feel insurmountable, an invigorating navy will spur you towards action!

Despite the potency of this shade, it can also be extremely relaxing in times of stress because it draws from nature. Think about deep, jewel-like pools shimmering in the sunlight or a romantic inky sky peppered with stars. A navy blue cocoon guarantees a good night’s sleep, especially in low-lit rooms with scented candles and twinkling, metallic embellishments.

7. Harmoniously balances the masculine and feminine

Navy blue is a popular gender-neutral choice that can be stripped down or glammed up to satisfy every unique taste and personality.

Forget about the pastel blue and pinks typically found in children’s nurseries  – an elegant dusky rose and navy combination screams cosmopolitan chic. A muted blush exaggerates navy’s yellow undertones for an inviting ambience, while blue prevents pink from looking too twee and girly. In the same vein, incorporating a plush aubergine will create a stunning result. Gem-like tones create a visual assortment of delights, especially when accentuated by gold trim and luxurious soft furnishings.

For a more masculine look, try pairing navy furniture with crisp, white walls for a nautical touch. A dark navy blue sideboard will look effortlessly smart against an undisturbed background because the contrast allows the design’s ornate craftsmanship to stand out and wow passers-by.

8. Makes rooms feel more expensive and luxurious 

You don’t have to spend an extortionate amount of money when adding extravagance to your interiors. Instead, long-lasting navy blue furniture is a more cost-effective option if you’re looking after the pennies.

The history of navy blue plays a part, having been favoured by the upper-class elite for aeons. You’ll find it gracing the world’s most regal palaces and country houses, dripping with opulence and contemporary charm. In fact, hundreds of years ago, blue pigment was worth more than gold!

If buying a new furniture set isn’t viable, how about choosing one statement piece like an Italian-inspired blue display cabinet with glass doors? The eye-catching structure features a generously sized cupboard with two drawers and a three-shelf display cabinet to display your cherished possessions. What’s more, there’s a handy access point for lighting that adds pizzazz and makes it much easier to find the things you need when darkness descends. 

9. Safe way to experiment with colour

We understand it can be nerve-wracking to step outside your comfort zone and experiment with colour, but navy blue is a safe and adaptable shade for all the reasons highlighted above. If you’re not ready to dip your toes into the wacky world of yellow, red and green, it’s a sure-fire way to bring energy into your home minus the busyness.

Although navy has a reputation for being serious, that’s no bad thing  – sometimes, all you need is a tried and tested option that won’t let you down! Blue is a universally loved colour because of its reliability, and it’s virtually impossible to make mistakes when implementing it into your scheme.

10. Buying furniture is less of a commitment than painting

Choosing navy blue furniture over painted walls is a modest alteration that doesn’t feel quite so threatening. Rather than committing to lengthy and costly decoration work, you can move pieces around until you find the perfect placement.

Navy furniture’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for those on a tight schedule and budget. You don’t have to wait for walls to dry or pay a professional to complete the work. Simply choose a fully or partially assembled piece, and marvel at your space transformed! 

Stay on-trend with the navy blue Florence furniture range

Here at, we endeavour to bring you the most fashionable navy blue furniture sets for your kitchen, living room and dining room. Our original Florence range boasts unique handcrafted items that promise to breathe new life into tired-looking spaces while offering unbeatable functionality.

From navy blue bookcases and breakfast bars to dining tables and dressers, we’re bound to have something to revolutionise your space. Each design boasts high-quality features like acacia wood tops, storage baskets and stain-resistant structures to effortlessly support busy family life. The cherry on top? Most pieces arrive partially or fully assembled for use straight away. What more could you want?

Decorating your home can be stressful, so we strive to make the process as easy as possible. That’s why we offer fast delivery and a no-quibble 14-day return policy. If you experience any problems, our friendly customer service team is only a phone call away.

If you have any questions, contact us on 01989 763343 or send an email to [email protected] – one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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