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04 November 2021

Organising Your Utility Room: 5 Super Easy Tips

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

Many people think of the kitchen as the heart of their home, but there’s another epicentre of activity that’s often overlooked. Cue the humble but oh-so-important utility room.

Utility rooms are multi-faceted, housing cleaning equipment, washing machines and dryers. With all these dirt-busting items all in one place, homeowners can effectively manage chores and keep living areas clean and clutter-free. Well, that’s the goal at least!

Some rooms start to feel claustrophobic over time, especially in bustling families with a brood of children and/or pets. But there’s no need to worry we have some super easy solutions to share.

Keep reading as we explore five laundry room storage ideas to optimise organisation, including washer and dryer pedestals, multifunctional shelving and foldable baskets.

5 utility room organisation ideas

1.    Maximise storage with washer and dryer pedestals

Not only do washer and dryer pedestals remove the strain from everyday tasks by raising appliances 40cm off the floor so you don’t have to bust your back bending down, but they also offer ample storage.

Units feature gorgeous rattan baskets that offer tonnes of space for storing washing essentials like gels, detergents and softeners. Plus, the wooden frame and hard-wearing finish will combat any laundry related scuffs.

There’s a washer stand to suit every taste in a selection of timeless colours. How about a navy blue hue for a splash of colour or an understated truffle shade that complements the rattan’s neutral tones?

Learn all about washing machine pedestals and whether you should invest in one on our blog.

2.    Stack appliances for easy movement

If you lack floor space, how about stack appliances for easier movement? Washing machines and dryers from the same company should have a brand-specific stacking kit that caters to their unique dimensions.

Stacking kits slide between washers and dryers to transform independent machines into one fixed unit. Alongside distributing weight equally, they also absorb running vibrations to keep them firmly in place.

3.    Capitalise on wasted space with laundry room shelving

One of the simplest ways to make the most of your space is by adding laundry room shelving to unused walls. You could mount a single piece of wood for general needs or for hanging clothes airers from.

If there’s room above your appliances, why not add a rack to air your clothes? The rising heat will supercharge drying times and iron out stubborn wrinkles.

4.    Use foldable clothes baskets for convenience

Bulky baskets get in the way in compact utility rooms. Luckily, there’s a range of attractive collapsible options that hold a load of washing and neatly fold away afterwards.

Best of all, when flattened, foldable hampers will fit into tiny gaps between machines or underneath cabinets to keep things tidy.

5.    Add storage benches that double as seats

Although typically placed in hallways, storage benches are an efficient way to revolutionise tight spots. From narrow tallboys and consoles to generously sized chests, there’s an option to suit every room shape and size.

What’s more, they also double as plush seats that you can relax on while you wait for your washing cycle to finish.

Organise your utility room with

Who knew organising your laundry room could be so easy? By implementing these fuss-free hacks and adding utility room storage, your space will feel brand-new.

Browse our entire range of hand-crafted furniture products on our website, or if you have further questions, give our friendly team a call on 01989 763343.

davehragsuk-com avatar
Dave Hut
Content Editor

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