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28 April 2022

Gain Extra Kitchen Storage Space with These Clever Hacks

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

The kitchen is the hub of every home, so it’s only natural that it fills up fast with everything from dishes and appliances to homework and bills. If you’re feeling a little short on space, these clever kitchen storage solutions can make the world of difference. From investing in multifunctional furniture to embracing a zero-waste lifestyle, read on to discover the best ways to gain extra kitchen storage.

Whether you’re after small kitchen storage ideas for a flat, or smart hacks for a family-sized kitchen that’s bursting at the seams, we’ve got tips for every household!

14 useful hacks to unlock extra kitchen storage

1. Invest in a kitchen breakfast bar with storage

When it comes to maximising space, a kitchen breakfast bar with storage is a savvy solution. These freestanding pieces are compact enough to fit into the smallest kitchens and can be oriented to suit the unique dimensions of your space. Use a breakfast bar with under-counter storage to create an island or place it against a wall to create a peninsula.

Pro tip: if you’re placing your kitchen breakfast bar against the wall, installing a few floating shelves above it can be a great way to add extra kitchen storage.

A breakfast bar with storage doesn’t just increase the surface areas in your kitchen. Our cleverly designed bars don’t waste an inch of space and feature built-in shelves for storing dishes, pantry staples and anything else that needs a home in your kitchen. The breakfast bars in our Florence range also come with nifty features like slide-out chopping boards, which transform thin air into usable kitchen space!

2. Create multifunctional spaces

Not just a place to enjoy cereal and eggs on toast, a breakfast bar can be used for an array of activities. Invest in comfortable stools and your breakfast bar can double as a workspace for kids and adults – perfect if you want to prepare dinner while overseeing a homework session or craft activity. Alternatively, why not set up your laptop, sip a glass of wine and indulge in a little online shopping while you wait for your sauce to simmer?

Made from high-quality natural woods like acacia and pine, our breakfast bars are both durable and heat resistant. This makes them ideal for eating breakfast and preparing meals, as well as anything else you can throw at it. Learn more about creating multifunctional spaces with kitchen zoning on our blog.

3. Add a freestanding kitchen island

A purpose-built freestanding kitchen island is one of the best ways to gain extra storage in your home. A simple bench may seem like enough, but to really make the most of your space it’s important to look for islands designed with domestic chefs in mind. Functionality is everything and after you experience features like built-in shelves, cupboards and drawers, you’ll never go back.

Again, adding stools is one of the best kitchen storage hacks and will transform your freestanding island into a multifunctional surface for meal prep, studying and everything in between.

Pro tip: look for kitchen islands featuring recesses to accommodate stools. This will not only add to the comfort factor, but it will also save space by allowing you to tuck the stools away when they’re not in use.

4. Show off with kitchen display cabinets

Whether you’re a collector, a minimalist or somewhere in between, clutter can quickly build up in the kitchen. Rather than pile up dishes or haphazardly stack glasses, why not show off what you’ve got with a kitchen display cabinet? Most feature enclosed drawers and shelves on the bottom with open storage space on top. Generally, it’s best to store basics and bulky items in the bottom section and save the top shelves for your prettiest kitchenware.

Depending on the style of your kitchen and your personal preferences, kitchen display cabinets can feature open shelves or glass doors. Both options are ideal for showing off your favourite kitchen items, whether it’s a set of Wedgewood fine china, a collection of Waterford Crystal champagne glasses or a Le Creuset pot you inherited from your parents. Even the most budget-friendly tableware and wine glasses from IKEA can look beautiful displayed in a sleek kitchen cabinet!

5. Use your wall space

Walls are one of the most under-utilised spaces in most kitchens. If you’re on the hunt for easy ideas on how to maximise kitchen storage, it’s time to get creative with your wall space. With a quick trip to your local hardware store or an easy online search, you can find loads of ways to make the most of your walls.

Installing floating shelves is a fast and affordable way to get extra kitchen storage, though there are lots of other options out there. For example, installing a magnetic knife holder can eliminate the need for a freestanding knife block. Similarly, a rod with hanging hooks can be a great way to store utensils and free up bench space. A quick Pinterest search for ‘small kitchen storage ideas’ is another easy way to get inspired. If you’re on Instagram, searching for hashtags like #smallkitchendesign or similar will unleash a flood of inspiration. 

6. Embrace extendable tables

Any interior designer will testify that extendable tables are one of the best small kitchen storage ideas out there. Perfect for if you want to maximise space in a compact kitchen, extendable tables feature detachable ‘leaves’ which you can easily slot in or out depending on the occasion. So, you can keep things compact for casual meals and then expand the table if you’re hosting Sunday lunch or Christmas dinner.

Our white round extendable table is a timeless option, drawing inspiration from the craftsman-quality furniture synonymous with French farmhouses. The base is painted in a subtle white hue, perfect for complementing country-style kitchens and contemporary spaces alike. The top is crafted from hardwearing acacia wood with natural antibacterial properties, making it more than capable of standing up to everyday wear and tear. Meanwhile, an easy-to-clean matte lacquer on the base and heat/ stain-resistant oil guard on the top surface takes durability to the next level.

7. Utilise the back of your cupboard doors

If you own your home, screwing spice gripper clips into the back of your cabinet doors can be a fantastic way to keep your seasonings neat, tidy and out of sight. Spice racks that hang over the door are another clever way to unlock extra kitchen storage if you’re a renter or don’t feel comfortable drilling into your cabinets. If you’re more of an eclectic decorator, magnetised spice containers can be a fun way to decorate your fridge and of course, save space.

8. Make the most of your corners

If you’re looking for ideas on how to create more kitchen storage in a tight space, a corner kitchen dresser can work wonders. These thoughtfully designed units feature a triangular design that enables them to slot neatly into corners without taking up too much room.

Tall and slim designs like our Florence corner display cabinet are a fool-proof option, instantly providing more storage without feeling too clunky. The compact design ensures they work in even the smallest kitchens, with elegant Georgian feet raising them slightly off the ground to create a light and airy aesthetic.  

9. Transition to a zero-waste kitchen

Not just for Instagram, zero-waste kitchens are a fantastic way to get organised, minimise your environmental footprint and score extra kitchen storage. Basically, the concept involves stocking up on reusable containers and making the switch to bulk foods wherever possible. Glass containers are usually better as they’re easier to clean and keep your food fresher for longer – plus, they look great displayed on the open shelves of our Florence breakfast bars.

From coffee and cornflakes to flour and sugar, the idea is to streamline your pantry and store everything in uniform containers. Ideally, they should stack to maximise storage space. Instead of a jumble of cardboard, paper and plastic, your cupboards will be neat, tidy and clutter-free. If you live in a large town or city, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a bulk food store near you. If you’re based in a smaller town, village or in the countryside it may take a little more effort but is still doable.

10. Combine storage and style

Storage doesn’t have to be boring, with the best kitchen storage solutions combining style and practicality. For example, our Florence sideboard with 2 drawers and 4 baskets features a quartet of wicker-style baskets that will bring a breezy, Hamptons-inspired look to your kitchen while providing bags of storage space. Use them to stash away anything from napkins and tablecloths to kids’ toys and books.

Designed especially for use in the kitchen, the washable, wipe clean material is durable and easy to maintain. Wondering how to create more kitchen storage? The baskets are removable, so there’s lots of flexibility with items like this. If you like, you can simply slip the baskets out and use the open shelves to show off recipe books, serving dishes or your favourite set of china.

11. Declutter to find extra kitchen storage

Wondering how to maximise kitchen storage with virtually zero effort? A good decluttering session could be just what you need to free up some much-needed extra kitchen storage. Appliances like slow cookers, vegetable spiralisers, juicers and pasta machines can take up a huge amount of space. If you like the idea of an appliance but haven’t used it in years, it could be time to say goodbye.

Sift through your drawers and chances are you’ll find all kinds of kitchen accessories you don’t need, from apple corers to egg slicers. Again, a good declutter can help to free up storage and make your kitchen feel more spacious and user friendly.

12. Upgrade to stackable cookware

Pots and pans take up serious real estate in most kitchens. If you’re short on space, upgrading to a stackable cookware set could help make room in your cupboards. From luxury brands to budget-friendly options, you’ll find a huge range of stackable cookware available in the UK. They keep things looking neat and tidy, which is ideal for the open shelves you’ll see in breakfast bars and freestanding kitchen islands.

13. Get creative with hanging shelf dividers

Hanging shelf dividers are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to maximise storage space in your kitchen. Made from either plastic or metal, they simply hook over the top of a shelf and create extra hanging space.

Not just for built-in cupboards, they can also be hooked onto the upper shelves of a freestanding kitchen island or breakfast bar.

14. Try hanging fruit baskets

If you’re wondering how to create more kitchen storage and free up counter space, hanging fruit baskets are a smart and stylish solution. Not only are hanging baskets practical, but they also add aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. You’ll be amazed at how much storage space you can unlock with a tiered wire hanging basket. Use it to store everything from apples, bananas and citrus fruits to potatoes, onions and garlic.

Speaking of hanging kitchen storage solutions… If you love the look of indoor plants but can’t justify the space they take up, hanging planters are a great alternative. Instead of taking up valuable bench or floor space, simply suspend plants from the ceiling using easy-to-install hooks. They’ll often get a lot more sunlight this way and the lush, green foliage will breathe new life into your kitchen too.

Reinvent your space with kitchen storage solutions

With so many clever kitchen storage hacks to choose from, there’s no reason why your space should feel overcrowded. While investments like a freestanding island or breakfast bar are genuinely life-changing, even small additions like a magnetic knife rack or hanging basket can totally transform the feel and function of your kitchen. 

Want to know more about how our purpose-built furniture can unlock extra kitchen storage space in your home? Give us a call to chat with one of our friendly team members about all of our small kitchen storage ideas. Alternatively, read all about how to make your kitchen look bigger on our blog.

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