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07 April 2022

Kitchen Zoning: How to Create Multi-Functional Kitchen Zones

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

If cooking feels a little chaotic in your home, then it’s time to explore kitchen zones. When you invest in a brand-new layout, you’ll maximise existing space while streamlining everyday activities.

Keep reading as we explain everything you need to know about kitchen zoning. We’ll also share several multi-functional furniture ideas that’ll make your life easier.

What is kitchen zoning?

Thanks to the popularity of open-plan concepts, kitchens have become the heart of the home. Alongside cooking, many people use them as dining rooms, pop-up studies and a place to catch up with friends.

Kitchen zoning prevents multi-purpose spaces from feeling too crowded. Instead of stepping on each other’s toes, there are dedicated areas for everyone to enjoy.

Zones in kitchens include:

  • Cooking zone
  • Food preparation zone
  • Cleaning zone
  • Dining zone
  • Relaxation zone

If space is limited, zones might overlap. For example, you could combine your dining and relaxation zone or food preparation and cooking zone.

Kitchen zoning boasts a wealth of benefits for busy families and time-strapped professionals. By organising your kitchen, you’ll be able to complete tasks safely, quickly and efficiently.

3 furniture ideas for multi-functional kitchen zones

1.    Freestanding kitchen island

A freestanding kitchen island is a must-have for keen chefs who love entertaining. It’s a solution for all your food preparation needs, boasting generously sized counters and hidden chopping boards. What’s more, there’s ample storage in the under-counter cupboards and drawers to keep all your kitchenware in one place.

Islands can also be used in dining zones because the recesses accommodate kitchen stools. One side of the island could be for eating and the other for cooking up a storm.

2.    Extendable kitchen table and chairs

Although islands can be pop-up dining areas, family mealtimes are usually more comfortable around a table. Separating the food zone and dining zone also prevents the kids from running around while you’re using sharp knives and hot pans!

Not everyone has the space for a dedicated dining zone – that’s where this extendable kitchen table and matching dove grey dining chairs can help. The centre leaves are perfect for dinner parties because they create room for more guests. Afterwards, you can slide them away for a neat, compact look.

3.    Breakfast bar

Like kitchen islands, breakfast bars let you combine zones. You can use them to prepare everything from cereal to Sunday brunch. There are also plenty of space-saving features like built-in shelves and slide-out trays.

Breakfast bars are an excellent addition to dining and relaxation zones because they’re more informal than traditional tables. You could set up your laptop and whizz through your emails while tucking into your morning toast. If the little ones have homework, you can sauté while supervising.

Find furniture for multi-functional kitchen zones

If you don’t have the room for entirely separate kitchen zones, multi-functional furniture is the answer. Kitchen islands, extendable tables and breakfast bars all serve dual purposes. They capitalise on space while looking unbelievably stylish.

For more inspiration, browse our kitchen furniture collection today. If you have any questions, call 01989 763343 or email [email protected]. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

davehragsuk-com avatar
Dave Hut
Content Editor

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