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28 May 2021

Eco-Friendly Living: The Case for Sustainable Furniture

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

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UK residents are no stranger to eco-friendly living, with initiatives like the Green Homes Grant and the Resources and Waste Strategy blueprint proving just how dedicated the country is to sustainability. Though like most environmental issues, there’s definitely room for improvement – particularly when it comes to furniture.

The latest stats from the North London Waste Authority reveal Brits discard a huge 22 million pieces of furniture every year, with most items sent directly to landfill. On top of that, only 1 in 10 people consider repairing or refurbishing items, suggesting the country has adopted an alarmingly blasé approach to throwing out furniture.

Advocating for change

Thankfully, there are people and companies out there advocating for change. Statistics from Deloitte confirm sustainability will be a top priority for 32% of consumers in 2021, with shoppers looking for new ways to incorporate eco-friendly practices into their lifestyles. 28% of respondents pledged to boycott certain products due to environmental or ethical concerns, with a further 61% saying they have cut back on single use plastics in the past year.

And it’s not just material purchases that are changing. Buying local was also a growing trend, with 45% of respondents pledging to support British businesses in 2021. It’s amazing to see Brits transitioning towards conscious consumption across every aspect of their lives, whether it’s stocking up on seasonal berries at the farmers market or investing in solid furniture that’s built to last a lifetime.

Building heirloom-worthy furniture

Want to know more about how we’re working towards a greener and more sustainable future? Building furniture that lasts a lifetime is the cornerstone of our commitment to sustainability. While flatpack furniture is often hailed as an eco-friendly alternative due to low transportation costs, its short lifespan generally cancels out these benefits. At, we take a different approach to sustainability.

The majority of our products are sold as solid pieces, meticulously assembled by master craftspeople in our workshops. For larger items that can be hard to deliver and move, we offer partially assembled delivery and an onsite fabrication service. It’s this commitment to longevity and accessibility that makes us true pioneers of eco-friendly furniture.

Roots in sustainability

Our sustainability pledge extends to our materials, with all our furniture crafted from fast-growing trees like pine and acacia. Not only does this translate to a high-quality product with a stunning woodgrain finish, but it also reduces our environmental footprint.

The use of solid wood over laminates and veneers means our furniture can not only be enjoyed while it’s new, but it can also be reimagined over the decades. Whether it’s sanding down a solid wood wardrobe for a shabby chic look or repainting a dining table in a vibrant shade of turquoise, our versatile solid wood furniture promises decades, if not centuries of use.

Additionally, to cut down on single-use plastic and reduce waste, we re-use packaging when delivering our furniture. In fact, we keep recycling materials like cardboard boxes and bubble wrap until we can’t use them anymore. So, while it may not look pretty on the outside, it’s much better for the environment!

Timeless designs

While we love to embrace new trends, we incorporate a sense of timelessness into all our designs. Once again, this ensures our sustainable furniture stands the test of time and can easily be passed down from generation to generation. Most trends come and go, but you’ll never see handmade, craftsman quality furniture go out of style. Interior design trends like the cottagecore aesthetic wholeheartedly embrace sustainability, romanticising nostalgic décor and vintage heirlooms.

Furniture isn’t the only industry enjoying a renewed focus on sustainability, with conscious consumption also extending to fashion and soft furnishings. An increasing number of consumers are starting to shy away from cheaper items that simply don’t last and are instead investing in high quality pieces that last longer and have a smaller environmental footprint.

A commitment to progress

A recent Nielsen study revealed 81% of respondents strongly agree companies need to do more to protect the environment and adopt sustainable practices. We hear you loud and clear, which is why we’re continually exploring new ways to minimise our environmental footprint and take care of the beautiful planet we’re so lucky to live on. Whether it’s reusing packaging or recruiting local drivers to cut down on commuting, our commitment to environmental progress and eco-friendly living is ongoing.

It’s amazing to see Brits pivoting towards eco-friendly living and we’re honoured to see our sustainable furniture playing its part in the revolution. Explore our solid wood furniture ranges online today or contact us with any queries.

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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