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26 August 2021

How to Create a Hygge Home with Scandi Style Furniture

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

Hygge home with scandi furniture

Over the last few years, the Scandinavian word ‘hygge’ has become one of the biggest trends for interior design. Particularly suited to the colder months, the cosiness of hygge is embodied in thick blankets, natural wood and gently flickering candles. But there’s more to hygge than meets the eye…

If you want to create a hygge home, you shouldn’t focus solely on aesthetics. It’s also important to create welcoming spaces that are thoughtfully designed for spending quality time with your friends and family.

In this blog post, we’ll answer the question ‘what is hygge?’ and explain how you can create a hygge home with Scandi style furniture. From the solid wood pieces in our Edvard Olsen range to hygge-inspired homeware, read on to discover the secrets of Scandinavian design as the nights start to draw in.

What is hygge?

It’s tricky to translate the word ‘hygge’ into English. There’s no literal translation – the closest word we have is ‘cosy’, though that doesn’t quite do hygge justice. Essentially, hygge is a feeling of comfort and warmth that comes from enjoying life’s simple pleasures and finding happiness in the everyday.

Imagine reading your favourite book by candlelight as it snows outside your window or drinking hot chocolate with a friend on a chilly evening. That’s hygge! So, how can you recreate this feeling through your choice of hygge furniture, homeware, and décor?

How to create your hygge home

There are many ways to create a welcoming hygge home. The most important thing to remember is that every design decision should prioritise your physical and emotional comfort.

1. Think about the focal point of your room

In most living rooms, all the furniture is arranged around the TV. While it obviously makes sense to have your sofas pointing towards the TV, this layout implies watching television is the main function of your room.

To create some cosy corners, consider creating different zones in your living room. If you have a bookcase, why not add an armchair beside it – complete with comfortable cushion – to make a reading nook? You can also focus your furniture around your fireplace, which is the traditional heart of the home.

2. Keep your home clutter free

A hygge home should be calm, relaxing and clutter-free. Although you don’t need to embrace the minimalist trend if it’s not for you, nothing will turn a room from stress-free to stressful quicker than clutter. The solution? Some stylish storage that will tidy away any odds and ends.

Our Edvard Olsen sideboard, available in both light and golden oak, is a chic way to keep clutter at bay. Perfect for hallways, living rooms or dining rooms, this Scandi style sideboard features two cabinets and three drawers. That means it provides plenty of space for anything you want close at hand, but not out on display.

3. Create the perfect coffee break

Food and drink play an important role in a hygge home, whether it’s a mug of hot chocolate enjoyed on a rainy day or a dinner party with your closest friends. As families typically eat together, food and drinks can represent togetherness and shared experience. Embrace this by prioritising it in your interior design.

A beautiful oak coffee table is one of the best ways to do this. Our Edvard Olsen coffee table is the perfect spot for your morning coffee breaks. Perched on elegantly tapered legs, this piece of Scandi style furniture has a generous chamfered tabletop and four deep drawers. Pop it in front of your sofa to add style and function to your living room.

4. Add soft lighting

Soft lighting is one of the secrets to a hygge home. In Scandinavia, the hygge mindset is most prevalent during the long winter months, when natural daylight is difficult to come by. That means lamps and candles are a must.

Whether you place a favourite lamp on a simple lamp table or line candlesticks along your windowsill, make sure to keep your home well-lit. Avoid harsh artificial lights – instead, stick to soft lighting that will add a warm and cosy touch to your rooms.

Embrace the hygge life with Scandi style furniture

At, we love the principles of hygge. Quality materials – and quality time spent with friends and family – were values we had firmly in mind when designing our ranges of furniture. Our pieces are hand-crafted to see you through the realities of everyday life, creating moments of calm in an otherwise hectic schedule.

Want to find out more about our Scandinavian inspired Edvard Olsen range? Drop us a line on 01989 763343 or email [email protected]. A member of our dedicated team will be in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively, why not learn more about our similarly inspired Japandi living room furniture?

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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