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29 March 2018

Mid-century modern

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

Sometimes it’s good to look back in order to go forward. And it’s surely no coincidence that mid-century furniture is returning to popularity at the same time as vinyl record sales are hitting a 25-year high.

Think of the tactile pleasure that comes from playing a physical record, or the look and feel of solid oak. We may be surrounded by virtual reality in our daily lives, but it’s also good to take things a little slower sometimes. Stop and smell the roses. Listen to the unique sound of vinyl. Appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of Edvard Ølsén -designed furniture.

Mid Century is cool again, but there is nothing retro about the way our furniture is designed and manufactured. We have only modern living in mind when we do those things. Think of us wearing the latest virtual-reality goggles when we design for you, but you won’t need rose-tinted ones to enjoy the result. Just sit back and appreciate the beauty and elegance of Edvard Ølsén furniture.

Our designs are more than just a fashion statement, though. Sure, we like to look good – who doesn’t? – but we also want to enhance the quality of your life while we’re about it. Which brings us to the practicality of the Edvard Ølsén 2-door sideboard. Did you ever see a more balanced piece of furniture? It is designed to fit perfectly in the houses and apartments of today. To give you the storage space you need. Even if you’re the most avid record collector.

The perfect size for all your LP’s

With two cupboard doors and two drawers, there is plenty of space for your clutter to be hidden away when you don’t need it. No messy open shelves here. Just a beautiful wood-grained front.

On the other hand, the rock-solid oak top is the perfect platform on which to display your showpiece possessions. And the extra-hard matt lacquer is water-resistant, so the odd spill from your watering can won’t bother it one bit.

For the perfect finish, we have given our sideboards elegant pin legs. But don’t be confused by their apparently light feel – they’ve got more than enough muscle to hold whatever you’ve got. Just bring it on!


We believe that buying new furniture should be an experience to enjoy. That’s why we combine the modern advantages of online shopping with good, old-fashioned service. We’ll happily take your order and answer any questions you have online or from our UK-based call centre . (01989 763343) That means you can buy with confidence. And what’s more, our expert team won’t just deliver your new furniture to your door, they’ll deliver it to the room of your choice. They’ll even take the packaging away when they’re done – they’re very tidy experts.

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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