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06 April 2018

It’s hard to be humble when you’re a versatile, space-saving table

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Dave Hut - Content Editor



A table isn’t just a table. It’s a dining area, a coffee bar, a meeting place, even a home office or a desk for the kids to do their homework on. So, it needs to be versatile, especially when space is at a premium. Which is where we come in. Our smaller tables may look the part, there’s no denying that, but we’ve also designed them with your lifestyle in mind.

We don’t all have the luxury of a dining room, but that shouldn’t stop us having great-looking tables that sit beautifully alongside our other kitchen-diner or living-room furniture. Not all tables have to dominate their space. Some are happy just looking elegant, perfectly balanced and right at home. Like our Florence and Edvard Olsen smaller tables, in fact.



The Florence comes with a handy drop leaf, allowing it to convert from casual bistro to grown-up dining table in a matter of seconds. And it converts back again just as quickly, of course, once your weekend guests have departed.

Its acacia hardwood top is stain-resistant and naturally antibacterial, which means it pretty much keeps itself clean.



The solid-oak Edvard Olsen comes in two different sizes, to comfortably seat two or four people. Its chairs can be positioned tidily underneath, allowing you to carry on making the most of your home space when the table isn’t in use.

Its extra-hard, matte lacquer finish makes it easy for you to clean and easy for it to repel unwelcome stains.


A table is for life

A table is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Even that humble table you have your first dinner on in your first home. Or the one you use when you entertain your friends or family for the first time. That’s because, when the time comes to move up the property ladder, that same table will soon find its rightful place in your new home.

It may become your favourite breakfast table, or the occasional table that you use for family board games. It might be where you sit to make your to-do lists, or maybe even draft your first novel. In fact, that versatile little table will probably enjoy many reincarnations in its time. Which is why we construct our tables in solid wood to stand the test of time. They’ll be happy to move through life with you, and they’ll serve you faithfully for as long as you’ll have them.

If you’re not quite sure what size of table you need, just ring us on 01989 763343 and we’ll talk you through the options to find your perfect fit.

davehragsuk-com avatar
Dave Hut
Content Editor

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