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10 March 2022

Introducing Our Brand New Wooden Pet Beds

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

pet bed with pedestal

Britain is a nation of pet lovers, with the latest stats from the PDSA revealing 26% of adults own a dog and 24% own a cat. That’s around 10 million pups and almost 11 million cats across the UK! 

Owners want the best for their four-legged friends, which is where our premium, craftsman-quality wooden pet beds step up. Since the 1970s, we’ve been manufacturing beautiful, thoughtfully designed furniture for homes and humans. Now, we’re branching out with a range of animal-friendly furniture, backed by the same morals, values and ethics that have underpinned our business for decades.

We’re so excited to launch these sturdy wooden pet beds and to help pet owners across the UK keep their furry friends as comfortable, cosy and on-trend as possible. Read on to explore the collection!

Meet the wooden pet bed range

It all starts with our signature wooden pet beds. Featuring solid wood construction and a bespoke frame, they are designed to complement the clean lines found in fitted kitchens and to fit naturally with your existing dining furniture.

Available in a range of colours from bold navy to soft truffle, these pet beds are packed with animal-friendly features. Both the large and small pet bed options include slats at the bottom for airflow and the raised edges will help your pet feel safe and secure.

All beds come with two different cushions to accommodate the unique needs of your furry companion. The dark teal cushion is plush and ultra-soft, while the grey cushion features a firm curved foam insert for extra support. Plus, both the small and large pet bed cushions have removable covers, making it easy to throw them in the wash and banish muddy paw prints.

Add extra elevation

It’s no secret that cats love a good perch. Dogs are usually happy to flop on the ground or on your sofa, but raised pet beds are a much better option.

Designed to complement the wooden pet bed range, our pedestals offer an extra 40cm of height and double as a handy storage solution for toys, leashes, harnesses, grooming tools and other pet accessories.

Just like our standard design, our pedestal pet beds feature a sturdy wooden base, plus a wipe-clean, faux rattan basket (or two) for extra storage. The beds sit neatly on top of the pedestal, creating the perfect place for your pet to snooze, survey or just watch the world go by.

Why a good snooze matters for pets

Just like humans, sleep is incredibly important for animals. Shut-eye gives your pet a chance to rest and refresh, and if you’re trying to teach them a new trick, don’t underestimate the importance of a good snooze!

Furthermore, a good pet bed offers joint support, which helps to minimise pain and age-related ailments. Not to mention reduce your vet bills. Sleep can also help improve your pet’s mood and minimise anxiety.

With the average dog spending around 12 hours a day sleeping and cats racking up even more z’s, it’s absolutely worth investing in a comfortable bed for your pet! We’re thrilled to launch our new range of wooden pet beds and pedestals and can’t wait to deliver them to homes across the UK. Choose from our standard colour range or take advantage of our custom paint service to put your own stamp on our pet beds.

Claim a free custom colour on any pet bed throughout March

Can’t find the colour you’re looking for? With our custom paint service, you can order a pet bed in any shade you like. And this month, we’re offering this service completely free of charge!

All you need to do is place your order before 5pm on Thursday 31st March, then reply to your confirmation email with your chosen colour and we’ll repaint your pet bed for free.

We can match any paint colour from the Farrow and Ball, Dulux or Little Green Paint Company colour charts, so feel free to go wild!

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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