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09 March 2018

Crafting your custom look furniture!

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Dave Hut - Content Editor


Two of the custom option picked by customers of


Have you got an idea for a special dream room but are frustrated that you cannot get everything just as you want?

This is a common frustration of a lot of us. We can paint the walls change the carpets and hang our pictures but the largest items in a room often dominate our design choices.

We have carefully curated our furniture with an eye on current design and fashion trends to best work for most people. But we admit that there are as many different tastes as there are people and it’s not always possible to stock every possible colour combination.

This was a real frustration as we really want to be able to accommodate the special requests from customers. We believe that your creativity should not be held back by stock convenience or someone else’s ideas.

So, what is the answer?

To expand on our UK based workshops with high tech paint and finishing facility’s. We are proud at to be able to offer a range of custom options you just can’t find on the high street.

Julliet dressing table being sanded for spraying

A member of our workshop preparing a custom paint job

Whether this be matching the furniture to the colour scheme of you design of injecting some personal touches and fun with two tone designs or crystal handles.

We also love to hear from our customers about their ideas. They really inspire us to keep pushing our own designs and ideas. We recently got a request to match a display cabinet to a kitchen mixer so that the customer could best display their treasured items in the kitchen and liberate them from a closed cupboard door of the old kitchen.


So how do you get these custom options?

Just give us a call on 01989 763343 and we can talk you through the process and possibility’s or send us an email on [email protected]


davehragsuk-com avatar
Dave Hut
Content Editor

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