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23 March 2022

How to Get the Influencer Look in Your Home

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Dave Hut - Content Editor

If you have a passion for interior décor, then as well as enjoying home makeover programmes on TV and poring over glossy design mags, you probably also glean inspiration from trending influencers online.

In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to soak up inspiration from style icons and peek inside other people’s homes to see how they create elegant, homely spaces. In fact, there are literally dozens of popular interior design influencers sharing their decorating tips online, many of which are affordable and easy to recreate.

If you would love to incorporate some of their inviting decorating ideas into your own interior design, then read on. We’ve put together some top tips for recreating the influencer look at home, so you can stay bang on trend and glow with pride every time you look around you at your effortlessly stylish furnishings.

Matching furniture – for a flawless finish

Neutral colour schemes are very popular with interiors influencers at the moment, and this should come as no surprise since the use of subtle hues helps to create a calming atmosphere in any room. By choosing matching furnishings in soft neutral colours, such as pale blue, grey, or truffle, you instantly create a harmonious aesthetic that soothes the eye.

Decorating a room – or your whole house – in neutral tones also helps to ensure that your home looks both contemporary and timeless. If you want to add a little dash of brightness, you can always incorporate some brightly coloured throws or cushions, or add some colour with vases of flowers in eye-catching shades.

Embrace spring fever

With Easter in sight, spring-themed décor is very much in vogue. In fact, many influencers like to incorporate springtime touches out of season too, for a warm and cosy cottage-core feel!

If you’d like to invite spring indoors as well as enjoying it in your garden, there are plenty of fun ways to do this. For example, you could create a springtime focal point in your dining room or kitchen using a stylish dresser decorated with seasonal goodies.

Fill your dresser’s display cabinet with floral vases and wreaths. You might also want to add some springtime figurines, such as lambs, bunnies and chicks, and some Easter-themed decorations for the kids. Filling vases with springtime blooms and putting them in every room of your home is another great way to revitalise your space this season.

Cosy corners to curl up in

With the blossoming appeal of the cottage-core look and the continuing fondness for shabby chic décor, many home interior influencers have focused on creating cosy nooks to relax in.

This kind of trend is super simple to recreate and is a wonderful way to make your home feel even more welcoming. Having a quiet corner to escape to in the evenings where you can relax with a glass of wine, is also ideal for unwinding after a tiring day.

To create a stylish but snuggly corner in your own living room, position a comfy, overstuffed chair in a corner with a lamp close by for reading. We’d also include soft cushions and a throw or two, as well as some potted plants in elegant pots for that soothing natural touch.

If you have space, consider including a console table or classy little lamp table next to the chair for storing essentials, and enhance it with shabby chic accessories. Using a neutral colour scheme will guarantee a restful feel and sophisticated finish.

Create a calming, contemporary sanctuary to sleep in

These days, we live such fast-paced and hectic lives that having a soothing sanctuary to retreat to at the end of the day can make a real difference to our wellbeing. Turning our bedroom into a tranquil haven is the perfect solution.

Need some inspiration? Influencers have all kinds of stylish tricks up their sleeve when it comes to transforming a boudoir into somewhere you can truly relax and recharge your batteries.

For instance, using calming neutral tones to make your bedroom feel light and breezy. Adding some special touches, such as soft tactile blankets, plump pillows and fluffy rugs, is a great way to create a cosy but sophisticated bedroom.

Choosing sleekly stylish bedroom furnishings will also transform your space into a subtly luxurious chamber of delights, from shabby chic beds and dressing tables to chic wardrobes, minimalist bedside tables, and perhaps a comfy stool or two. 

Warm minimalism – for a home that is inviting as well as elegant

If you love the minimalist aesthetic but can’t quite tie it in with your bustling family life, then the warm minimalism trend could offer you the best of both worlds.

Currently being adopted by many influencers, a simple way to achieve this look is by decorating your room in sparkling white – walls, curtains and perhaps even furnishings.

Having a mostly white room adds instant elegance and really brightens up the space, as white is a light-reflecting hue. Including white, grey or silver accessories will tie the whole look together and create a relaxing and pleasant place to unwind – which also just so happens to be right on-trend.

Jazz up your kitchen with a cute and sophisticated breakfast bar

Would you like to introduce some influencer elegance to your kitchen? How about adding a stunning real wood kitchen island or breakfast bar?

Our breakfast bars and kitchen islands come in a variety of colours and styles, so you can choose one that suits the décor you’ve already chosen for the room.

Islands can easily be decorated in a simple but attention-grabbing way, with scented candles, a big vase of fresh flowers or perhaps some decorative jugs and other pretty kitchenware items.

As well as being an attractive addition to your kitchen, islands can also provide handy storage for kitchen essentials, such as cutlery, tea towels, napkins and placemats. Meanwhile, breakfast bars with slatted shelves are ideal for displaying mason jars and crockery.

Breathe new life into your hallway with a tastefully decorated console table

There are so many inspiring influencer design tips that can easily be introduced into any home. One of the most popular trends at the moment is introducing a thoughtfully styled console table into your hallway to add interest to a simple space.

Opt for a console table in a classic neutral shade, so it blends nicely with your existing décor or select a custom shade for a more tailored finish. Adding some gorgeous decorative plant pots in different shapes and sizes will be a treat for the eyes, as well as complementing the natural wood grain. Complete the look with glossy coffee table books, cherished ornaments and family photos in stylish frames.

Begin your influencer interior transformation today!

If you’re keen to embrace some of the latest influencer design trends to glam up your home, we have a wide range of elegant furnishings to choose from.

At, our expertly crafted furniture comes in a variety of styles, from shabby chic and antique-inspired designs to more modern Scandi style pieces.

Whichever one you choose, our real wood designs will effortlessly transform room any room in your home. We also offer a custom paint service to make sure each piece of furniture looks just the way you want it.

Browse our full furniture range online or get in touch with a member of our friendly team for support and let us help make your interior design dreams come true!

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Dave Hut
Content Editor

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