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Our Story & Mission

Welcome to, the home of top-quality furniture that’s lovingly designed and expertly crafted.

One thing’s for sure. We’re not just another faceless retailer. Each piece of our furniture comes with its own story, background and reason for being. Our company is no exception, with a story spanning back over six decades and a mission to change the paradigm of buying furniture.


Our story


The origins of stretch back to the 1970s. Our founder, Graham Haynes, spent years restoring antique furniture. Dismantling and reassembling old furniture, he learnt about the materials and craftsmanship that go into each piece. Something that is far too often missing in today’s flat-pack culture. It wasn’t long before this became a profession, an obsession, a passion and eventually a life-long mission.




The launch of our pioneering online furniture store in 2000 combined all of these benefits with the new-found convenience of online shopping. It allowed customers to get the furniture they want with the service that has fast become the norm. But there was a difference. Our furniture has always been – and always will be – delivered ready to use. We don’t believe in flat packs being dumbed on your doorstep. Instead, our team delivers stunning, solid furniture to the exact spot you want it in your home.



Honest value

Our aim is to enhance lives by producing beautifully designed furniture at the best prices. That doesn’t mean ripping people off with needlessly high price tags. But, equally, it doesn’t mean pushing out cheap flatpacks that last a matter of months. To us, rather than simply slashing prices until the furniture is no longer fit for purpose, value means offering the absolute maximum quality for the price you pay.

With no expensive stores, no pushy middlemen and no gimmicky flash sales, we can cut out all the nonsense and offer you a down-to-earth price.


Built to last

Crucially, our furniture is built to last. We use natural woods like pine, oak and acacia, with high-quality metal fixtures and hard-wearing coatings. That’s paired with traditional craftsmanship to produce solid pieces that are both stylish and functional. The only corners we cut are dovetails. The only shortcuts we make are when we’re out on delivery. And the only thing we flat pack are the care instructions.

Our furniture doesn’t fit in with the constant cycle of replacements. Instead, it will grace your home for decades and even be passed through the generations. That extends from the durable materials and robust construction to the truly timeless style.


Furniture for you

The final part of our mission is you. From design to delivery, our customers are at the heart of our furniture. We make sure every piece is tailored to the twists and turns of modern life. Then we deliver it to your home, unpack it completely and take away any rubbish. Any issues? We’ll be back to collect it, no questions asked.

But that’s not all. We can also personalise most items of furniture from our workshop in the UK. It could be a certain colour or finish you want. Or maybe it’s adding a name or a stegosaurus stencil. Talk to us and we’ll make it happen – without costing you the earth.