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Big Brother

Jolliet beds in the Big Brother and celebrity Big Brother house 2017

With Big Brother back on our screens; we thought we would have a look back at last year’s show. We were very pleased that our Juliette beds had been selected for the Big Brother and Celebrity big brother house. We design all our own furniture - so we take real pride having it selected for such a popular TV show. It proved to be a great showcase for both the style and durability of the beds that were designed in Ross-On- Wye.


Juliette bed used in Big Brother 2017 The team Stand outside one of our stores after delivering the beds to Big Brother

It was so great to see how Big Brother has changed the whole style of the furniture by dressing them in the English cottage style, to match the theme of the house instead of the French provincial style we went with for our website.

We were also really inspired by the colours they chose. Apart from white, they also went with a custom paint on some of the beds. We are always really interested to see the different styles people choose for our products that is why we also offer custom paint colours on request.

Juliette beds in white and dark Champagne Our Juliette beds in the Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother house.

The beds looked really striking within the bohemian environment of the house and worked great as a backdrop to the show. The Juliette bed is available in a range of sizes and colours to fit any house. We also offer a full bedroom set, so you can get a stunning matching set.

The set designer’s ingenuity has really got our creative juices going - so expect to see more styles based around this classic style in the coming months. Do you have an idea for a custom Juliette bed? why not drop a comment down below.



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